Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter Cuteness

Earlier this week, Isaac's MDO class had an Easter celebration day, hunting eggs and getting a visit from a baby goat. Isaac didn't so much get into the egg hunt thing. Mostly, he just enjoyed banging the eggs together, throwing the eggs as far as he could, and putting them in/taking them out of his basket. However, he was the only kid in his class who interacted with the baby goat, feeding and petting him (her?) until they had to go inside. Thankfully, Jordan was there with Isaac and the baby goat, as I probably would've held Isaac back a little in case of an errant nibble on baby fingers by a hungry goat. Later that night, I was told a lovely story about a class of children (not any of our MDO classes) who all got lice from petting a goat. 

So I'd say this was a win-win-win: Isaac loved petting the baby goat, but avoided a bite AND lice. 

It was unseasonably cold that morning, so instead of wearing a cute, spring outfit, I had to pull out some jeans, long-sleeves and his superhoodie. Nevertheless, Isaac is still so stinkin cute! I just can't get enough of this sweet boy! Enjoy some fun pics of the egg "hunt" and baby goat.


Kelli @ A Deeper Joy said...

How adorable! Your son is a cutie and I love baby goats! Have a wonderful Easter weekend, Hollie!!!

Kathy said...

The pictures of Isaac and the goat are so adorable.

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