Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Passover Seder

This Easter Week, our church was fortunate enough to hold a Passover Seder. The Seder is a Jewish ritual feast that marks the beginning of Passover and is a retelling of the Israelite redemption from the hands of the Egyptians in Exodus. It was the Passover time during the final days of Jesus, which means Jesus and the disciples were partaking in the Passover Seder the night Jesus was arrested. I found the entire evening absolutely fascinating and because I believe Jesus was the Messiah, the Passover Lamb, it was especially eye-opening. In my experience, everything pointed to Jesus, our atoning sacrifice.

The Elements: Unleavened Bread, Baptist Wine (aka: Grape Juice), Maror, Karpas, Saltwater, Charoset
From the top, clockwise: Charoset (fruit & nuts), Maror (bitter herb; here it was horseradish), roasted egg, lamb shank, and Karpas (Parsley) 
The Matzah and the Matzah plate
Blessings over the meal before the first of the Four Cups (didn't get pics of that)
A look down our table - we were provided with handouts that explained many of the elements and included traditional readings and songs.
Handwashing (Ur'chatz) before the dipping of the Karpas
I didn't get pictures of the entire evening, but I am so thankful for the opportunity to sit and learn. I was definitely overwhelmed at the amount of work that was put into this evening, making sure each element held closely to tradition, even down to singing in Hebrew! Many thank-yous to the people who spent days preparing our Passover Seder.


Kathy said...

I have been to a couple of these Passover Seders which explained how Christ was shown in the different elements. It's very informative and very moving. I'm sure that you will never forget this. My husband has done several of them too. Maybe I can talk him into doing one at our church next year.

kim said...

Wonderful! I am so glad you were able to enter in to the celebration this year. Our church has been teaching on the Biblical Feasts for years and I can't say enough just how each one points to the Messiah, Jesus. It's really cool to be a part of His redemptive pictures, not just for Jew or Gentile, but for all nations. Funnily enough, I clicked on your blog bc of stitch fix ( I just signed up for my first fix and it arrives tomorrow!) and came across the Passover Seder link.

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