Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter Fun

We had a wonderful Easter this year, celebrating the resurrection of Jesus! We took a few photos in the backyard, but I wish we had gotten a photo all together! And not only did we take our pictures separately, but shortly after I started getting photos of Jordan and Isaac, the camera battery died! Mom Fail. I totally should've been more proactive to charge the battery and get photos of all three of us while we were at church and could get someone to help us out.

Regardless (rant over.), we had a wonderful day. After church, I cooked a big Easter lunch (Ham, Mac & Cheese, Green Beans, Collard Greens --which were done by Jordan--, and Apple Dumplings) and we invited our pastor and his wife and family over to eat. Their kids are a few years older than Isaac, but they were so good at entertaining one another! Isaac was so cute playing whatever they were playing and following their every move. It was sweet. While the kids were playing, we introduced Scott & Kimberlie to Killer Bunnies! I don't know if they're hooked yet... but we had a great time.

After they left, we ate some dinner, bathed Isaac, put him to bed, and invited some college kids over to play more Killer Bunnies! (I think we're the ones who are hooked) We stayed up late playing and laughing and catching up with some of our out of town college friends. Our day was full of laughter and happiness!

Then yesterday, after a couple of hours in a stylist's chair, I left feeling much lighter and more free!!!
Bye Bye hair! I think I cut 4-6" off and it was a welcomed change! The old 'do was all grown out and faded out, but instead of just getting a trim and color, I chop-chopped it! So far, I love it! I haven't been able to wash and style it myself yet, but I am looking forward to a much faster blowout and easier styling. The selfie in the car (not driving! Notice I'm in a parking lot!) doesn't do a lot of justice to the color, but I got that refreshed as well. I'm so glad that after driving to DFW for 2 years and then trying 5 different stylists in the Corpus Christi area, I've FINALLY found someone I really love going to! It's tough having to find a new stylist!

I hope all you lovely readers had a wonderful Easter weekend! We serve a risen King!


Erika said...

Love the cut- it looks fabulous!!! Your color always compliments your eyes so perfectly!

Emily Gentry said...

Your hair looks great!

I RARELY get the picture shot of all of us on holidays that I want. Most of the time I just forget, or I'm behind the camera myself without someone else to take it!

Amanda McD said...

Love the haircut! I'm thinking of chopping mine too!

Kelli @ A Deeper Joy said...

Those are great photos, Hollie!! And OMG, I LOVE your hair!!! It looks so good on you!

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