Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Tired but Joyful Hearts

We are back home again from a whirlwind trip to Augusta. As always, our time there was just not quite long enough. I desire leisurely visits with quality conversations, but so often our visits home are hurried.  Our days are jam packed full and rarely do we ever get to see all the people we love. Despite this conundrum of time, our trip this time was wonderful. Absolutely exhausting, but wonderful.
Isaac hanging out with his namesake, Papa Ed
Isaac sitting in the very place Jordan and I were married
We specifically went to Augusta to help host a baby shower for one of my dearest and most wonderful friends. She is expecting her first girl in June and I wouldn't have missed this opportunity. This sweet baby Hannah is so very loved. It also allowed for some awesomely fantastical girl time, which was so good for my heart!

3 of 4 generations: Nana, Grammy, and Isaac
Papa, Me and Isaac
Isaac could play on the pool table all day long. 
We stayed at my dad's house for this visit, which thrilled Isaac to death. My dad gave him full reign over his pool table, so that meant pool balls flying through the air. I'm pretty sure that by the end of the trip that he had learned the difference between rolling and hurling the pool balls. He also had access to a golf cart (his favorite! He still says golf cart over and over and over again during the day), a dump truck and a tractor. Basically, he was in boy heaven. And my dad was equally tickled to entertain him.
Me & My sister
The Two Hollie/Hollys
We introduced our favorite game to some new people, which meant that every night we stayed up until the early morning hours playing Killer Bunnies. Holly and her husband, Andrea, and Casey's husband Duane all got to play for the first (and then second, third, and seventh) time. Maybe these perpetually late nights had something to do with our exhaustion by the end of the trip. Regardless, it was a majorly fun time, even if the game is baaaaad for my competitive ways. 
Isaac and Dad on the golf cart
Thankfully, we can now rest for a little while. A nap would be lovely.


Kelli @ A Deeper Joy said...

What a fun trip! I'm glad you can rest now! Have a great rest of your week, Hollie!

Erika said...

Yay Augusta!! And also, I need to see a more detailed shot of the blue geometric shirt/dress you're wearing in the picture in a restaurant? I think I love it, whatever it is.

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