Friday, September 7, 2012

Vacation 2012

We are ... sadly... back home again from our wonderful vacation! Wanna know where we went? Here's a hint:

Not quite sure yet? Here's another hint:

Did I hear someone in the last row say San Antonio? Why Yes! We DID go to San Antonio!!! And it was awesome. After lots of thinking and talking and looking and pricing, we decided it would be in our my best interest to go someplace relatively close. I certainly don't have quite the stamina that I usually have, and I would've kicked myself in the pants if we'd spent a lot of money to fly some place and pay big bucks for a hotel room and then not have the energy to go-go-go. Originally, I was thinking it'd be awfully nice to spend a few days in NYC, but then thinking of all the walking, I just knew that by day 3 I'd be sore and exhausted and contracting. And then I'd kick myself in the pants for wanting to lay around the hotel all day. San Antonio was perfect! We only live about 2.5 hours away, and were able to put our flight money into other more wonderful things.

Like our hotel! We stayed at the Mokara Hotel on the river and it was incredible. The room was beautiful and luxurious. It was quiet, which is a vast contrast to the last riverfront hotel I stayed at! The hotel staff bent over backwards to make sure our stay was exceptional, and most of the people we saw remembered our names and would ask us each day how our visit was going. I mean sure, being mid-week in September, it was pretty empty, and I'd imagine that I was pretty easy to spot since I was toting this baby around all week, but it still meant a lot to be treated so personally. 

 The bathroom was gigantic! I should've taken a picture in front of that mirror to give you a better idea of how much space we were dealing with. There were 2 sinks (so double the counter/mirror space in the picture) and the tub very comfortably fit 2 people (so double the tub). The hotel even provided a bath butler who would come and draw your bath each night if you so desired. Jordan informed me that they would also come fix your coffee.

Long story short: I felt pretty fancy at the Mokara.

The hotel also had a full service spa, so we took advantage of that! One afternoon, we indulged in a couple's massage. It was bliss. I got the fancy maternity pillow on my massage table, and for the first time in months, I was able to comfortably lay on my stomach. If it weren't for the frequent little kicks & wiggles, I would've been convinced that I was no longer pregnant. Well, for 50 minutes. I think I died and went to massage heaven. After the massage, we were treated to some comfy loungey chairs, warm blankets and a plate of fruit to share while we came down from the clouds.

One afternoon, I introduced Jordan to the mecca that is La Cantera. More specifically, the Shops at La Cantera. I think I may have only won him over while at the Apple Store. Otherwise, it was just a trip to get my shop on. We also spent a brief amount of time at the Alamo Quarry Market. We spent an afternoon lounging by the hotel pool (which just so happened to be on the roof! Very picturesque.... except I didn't get one.). We slept in each morning and lounged around the hotel room. We were indulgent and ordered room service (dessert only! Wahoo!).

Long story short: We were slugs with no real agenda. And it was glorious.

We ate at lots of great restaurants both on and off the river. One night I was feeling an Italian food vibe, so we implored the hotel concierge for their recommendations and ended up at Tre Trattoria. The meal was probably one of the highlights of the entire trip. Seriously, I think I died and went to pasta heaven.  (that's 2 deaths in one trip for those of you keeping track.)

Here's a happy post-meal hubs. We were stuffed to the brim with some of the best italian food. Even though I feel like I can only fit about 3 tbsp of food in my stomach these days, I sacrificed a little post meal comfort and ate way too much! It was incredible!

That's our trip in a (big) nutshell. I think somewhere around Wednesday afternoon, we'd agreed that we should do this exact same trip again next year. Same quiet week, same incredible hotel, same massage, same ridiculously good italian dinner. Love it!


Erika said...

OH man, that sounds DIVINE!!! What a fab vacation...a little ticked you didn't get a picture of that pool, though!!

Marcelle said...

Cute blog...glad you had a great vacation! I'm blogger in Corpus, about to move to San Antonio! :)

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