Wednesday, March 4, 2015

February Favorites Link Up

I decided to jump on board with Kelli @ A Deeper Joy and share with you some of my favorites from the month of February. If I can be perfectly honest, some of these items I've been meaning to share with you for a whiiiiile now, I just haven't gotten around to posting about them until now.

FYI: None of these links are affiliate links, however, the Advocare link will take you to our personal distributor page.

Health & Beauty : SYS Skincare Line from Advocare. 
Advocare SYS Skincare Line
Sometime around the middle of last summer, Advocare released it's own line of skincare products. Jordan and I are big Advocare fans for their supplements (I drink a Spark every day!), so I was really intrigued by the SYS skincare line. I waited several months and got some feedback from friends who were using it before I finally took the plunge and ordered a few of the products.

Totally worth it! I use the cleanser and serum every time I wash my face and I can tell a big difference in the overall appearance of my skin. (I would probably have even better results if I was more diligent in my skincare routine) Most notably, my skin tone has completely evened out. Where I used to be red around my nose and cheeks, now those areas are significantly more even.

Baby: Little Green Pouch.
Little Green Pouch
A friend told me about these reusable food pouches and how much she loved using them for her little girl. Considering I made all of Isaac's baby food, I thought this would be perfect to have for Ian when it comes time for him to start with solids. Wait no... scratch that... they are perfect NOW for Isaac to eat from! We were spending $$$$ on applesauce and yogurt pouches, which he eats on a daily basis. Now, I can make applesauce (with whatever variety of apple happens to be on sale), or buy the large tubs of yogurt, fill these bad boys up, and hand them over for an easy breakfast or snack. They're dishwasher and freezer safe too. Easy Easy Easy... and a money saver.

Food: This Recipe
Baked Ravioli
I made this last night for the fam (ok, so that should technically make it a March favorite...) and it was well received by all members! Isaac even asked for seconds! I used leftover spaghetti sauce instead of jarred marinara and added lots of extra cheese between the layers of sauce and pasta. It's a lasagna rip off, but it was SUPER easy. I think it took me maybe 5 minutes to put it together and then it just hangs out in the oven for like 45 minutes. I also made it a little more portion-friendly in a 9x9" pan instead of the 9x13 the recipe calls for and it turned out just fine.

I imagine this could have TONS of different applications as well, with different sauces, different filled pastas, and even adding layers of vegetables or chicken. I have a feeling this will become a regular in the rotation, especially when I have homemade sauce that needs to be used.

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Brenda @ Chatting Over Chocolate said...

Hi, Hollie! Stopping by from the link up! I tried that exact Baked Ravioli recipe a few months back and loved it too!! Thanks for mentioning! You just gave me another meal idea for next week! ;) Have a lovely day!!

MakeMeUpMia said...

I've heard really great things about the Advo skincare line!

Kelli @ A Deeper Joy said...

Yay! Hollie I'm so glad that you linked up with us this month! I had no clue that Advocare made skin products. That's cool! And your baked ravioli sounds delicious. Way to use extra ingredients!

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