Friday, March 20, 2015

What's on my side table? (Breastfeeding Edition)

If you've been around since Isaac was an infant, it should come as no surprise that I'm a huge fan of breastfeeding. I think it's an absolutely amazing thing that a woman's body can nourish a child so perfectly and I was really really blessed to nurse Isaac until his first birthday. Not only that, I made SO much milk, I was able to donate hundreds and hundreds of ounces to the Mothers Milk Bank

Basically, I'm a nut for breastfeeding my babes.

So I thought I'd take a second to share some of my basic needs. These are the items I like to have by my side every time I nurse. Chances are good during the day that I'm nursing Ian wherever Isaac is located, which means I may not have everything at my fingertips. However, in the early morning, evening, and sometimes during Isaac's nap, I'll have a moment to gather all my goodies up in one spot and it just makes breastfeeding a little more pleasant. Here's a glimpse at my nightstand:
Sheesh. The books just keep multiplying...
 Clockwise from the top: Lanolin, Cuppawater, chapstick, phone (with cord!), Boppy, pump, book.

And a closer look:
Lanolin: For some reason, this time around, I've had more issues with cracking. Because of this, I'm typically never far from a little nipple cream. And if I'm not, expressed breast milk makes a pretty good lubricant as well! (a little tip for you nursing mommas out there!) Hydrogel pads (not pictured because they're currently in use) have been a lifesaver.

Cuppawater: Because nursing makes you thirsty 24/7. Fo'realz.

Chapstick: Because when your thirsty, you get chapped lips. And as it turns out, applying chapstick nightly gives you lovely lips. Who knew I'd be 30 years old before I figured that one out.

Phone (with cord!): Not only for a little distraction during nursing, but also to keep track of things. I was a huge fan of the Itzbeen with Isaac and this time around I've found an app that keeps up with all the same information for me. The cord thing is pretty explanatory right? By the end of the day, I'm in the I plug it in. Breaking news style journalism is my thing.

Boppy: The workhorse of my breastfeeding arsenal. I use this sucker every single day for almost every feeding. I even throw it in the car when I know I'll be out and about during nursing times.

Pump: Because I'm still in overproduction mode. Now that Ian is sleeping longer stretches, engorgement is an issue, so pumping is a necessary evil. (not pictured: extra nursing pads for those leaky moments) At least my freezer is getting ready for my eventual return to work.

Book: I can't have a "Whats on my side table?" post without talking about books! Currently, I'm reading You & Me Forever by Francis and Lisa Chan. I'm a big fan of Francis Chan already and this book has not been a disappointment. It's a very unconventional marriage book, but it has been great so far. I'm reading it with Jordan, which is also a joy. In addition to You & Me Forever, I'm also going through the Lent devotional, Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross that was published by SheReadsTruth. It's been fantastic in a wreck-you-kinda-way.

So there's the list of 7 things I'm never far away from. The first few weeks of breastfeeding are tough, so anything that will make the experience easier, more convenient, and more comfortable is a win in my book!

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Night Chayde said...

My first weeks of breast feeding were horrible I was ready to give up. Posts like this got me through it :)



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