Saturday, March 21, 2015

Ian 2 Month Update

Aren't you just the cutest!

Sweet boy, you are two months old!!! You have really charmed the pants off of us. We love you so very much! Even though you're quickly moving out of the newborn phase, you're still that squishy, snuggly, melt-into-your-arms kinda guy. And momma loves the cuddles.

You have quieted down significantly at night, which doesn't mean a whole lot anymore because we moved you one step closer to the crib-- you now sleep in our master closet each night. The pack n play fits in there quite nicely and you do all of your night sleeping in there. You're taking more and more naps in the crib to get you ready for a big transition to your own room. I've started to notice that morning is the time for the "crap naps" (noisy, fidgety, and usually 30 minutes or less) and your afternoons are more for the heavy sleeping naps (1+ hours).  I'm very very VERY happy to say... you're sleeping longer stretches at night! For the last week, you've been sleeping from 11pm to 6am (give or take about 30 minutes)! Seven hour stretches!! Truthfully, I put you down for "bed time" between 9 and 9:30pm and sneak in a dream feeding around 11. You only wake up enough to latch on and eat for a few minutes and then you're down until morning. Soon, I'd like to start inching that dream feed back to 10pm and hope that you continue to sleep as late each morning. Even though I'd like for you to sleep until 7am, waking around 6 gives the two of us some sweet alone time for smiles and coos before big brother Isaac gets up.

So, now that everyone knows you're a pretty great sleeper.... lets not make a liar out of mom, mmmkay?

We got our first social smiles this month, and so far you've been generous with them! You love getting attention and when someone will sit and talk, you respond with lots of smiles, coos and gurgles. It's the sweetest thing! You also love to watch your big brother. I don't think I ever anticipated the joy that I would feel watching the bond between you and Isaac grow. It's incredible to see how much he loves you. The other day, Isaac asked to hold your hand, and I just burst into lots of little heart parts everywhere.

With Isaac I had the joy of watching my husband become a father. This time I get to watch my little boy become a brother. My heart is so full. 

So far, it seems like you're a very relaxed little guy. You don't like being in the car seat if the car isn't moving, and you fuss when you're really hungry and overtired, but hey, do I. You're still not a fan of being tightly swaddled. All the wraps we used with Isaac are just gathering dust. Just give me a muslin blanket and you've got the right amount of wiggle room without feeling too restricted.

You've been eating well, and luckily, it's been a while since you've gone through a growth spurt/cluster feeding kinda period. Despite this, you are gaining lots of cute little rolls on your arms, legs, thighs, chin... everywhere really. Last week I visited the labor unit and you weighed 12lb 6oz. We will see Dr. Canales on Monday morning for your official 2 month weight and length. (13# 4oz & 23" long) You're still in size 1 diapers and 3m size clothes, although they're getting shorter and shorter by the day. I've already had to retire a set of footie pajamas that weren't quite long enough in the legs for you. You have these incredible blue eyes and a mostly bald head. Thankfully, your spit ups are still very rare. It's been so different to have a child who can wear the same clothes all day long!

Ian, you're a sweet little ray of sunshine in our lives and I want to soak in every tiny moment. I love you from the top of your bald little head to the tips of your baby soft toes. God has certainly been gracious to us!

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Erika said...

What a cutie!!! That is awesome he's sleeping so well at night! And I'm rather in love with the stripes-and-star jammies...I would totally put Millie in that!!

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