Monday, March 30, 2015

Fix Six! (March Stitch Fix)

It's Fix time again!! My favorite box of the month arrived on the doorstep last Friday... A whole day later than it was supposed to arrive (doom on you, FedEx.). Regardless, it was awesome and I can't wait to share it with you.

If you are unfamiliar with this incredible service, the concept is simple. Pay a visit to the Stitch Fix website and fill out your Style Profile. You'll answer questions about your body size and shape, as well as your favorite and least desired body areas (for example, I want to keep the girls covered, so that is on my style profile). You'll also answer questions about your personal style. Are you a classic girl? Like a little boho thrown in? Prefer edgy looks? All that is included as well. Link a pinterest board to your profile for extra style inspiration. You can list out your favorite colors and the types of items you'd like to receive. Since I live in South Texas, I have opted out of jackets and outerwear.  Finally, you can set your price ranges for each item. 

Then the magic happens.

A stylist reviews your profile and selects five pieces that she (or he) thinks you'll absolutely love. They are shipped to your door along with styling cards for each item. Try them on and mix and match them with items in your own closet (can't do that in the store!). Keep what you love and send back what you don't -- they send materials to make the return process a breeze. Each Fix has a $20 styling fee attached to it, but if you keep an item, that $20 is deducted from the cost of the item. Keep all 5 items? Give yourself an extra 25% off the total. 

Beware... it's addicting!

So What Did I Get?!?!
 1. Gilli Rae Maxi Dress ($74) (cami: Loft, cardi: Gap, necklace/bracelet: Stella & Dot, earrings: Kendra Scott, belt: dont remember!!) So after keeping a jersey dress by Gilli last month, Sarah picked out a very similar jersey maxi dress. It has a similar cross front neckline and is sleeveless. Love the color, love the cut, love that it's nursing friendly... love it all. KEPT.

PS: I apologize for the fuzzy photos. Not sure exactly what happened there, but it annoys me.

2. & 3. Skies are Blue Edna V-Neck Top and Dear John Lillie Short ($44 and $58, respectively) (cami: Loft, all jewelry: Stella & Dot) I got really excited as soon as I saw this top peeking out of the ever-so-neatly-presented stack of clothing when I opened the box. I was hoping for some colorful, summery printed tops and this was a match. It also has little buttons down the front, which make this top breastfeeding-friendly. I can easily see myself wearing this with just about any color short or pants and if I needed an extra layer, just about any color cardi or a denim jacket. It's cute and versatile, which I am all about. KEPT.

The shorts were also great. They fit well, had a nice rinse, weren't too short or too long. Unfortunately, I already had a pair of roll-up denim shorts in a very similar wash. I just couldn't justify spending $58 on a pair of shorts that were nearly identical to a pair I own already. RETURNED.

 4. Pixley Montgomery Chevron Cross-Front Top ($44) (pants: liverpool [from last month's fix], bracelet: Stella & Dot, necklace: Simple Addiction) If you caught last month's fix, I received this same top in a different fabric. The fit was spot on, but the pattern on the shirt was a bust, so I asked my faaaaaaaaaabulous stylist Sarah if she had the same shirt in a different print -- and this beauty showed up in my box! Once again, the fit was really nice, the fabric was super soft and comfortable and the pattern was much more my style. I really really loved it. Here's the sad part of this story: I didn't end up keeping it. I'm kind of kicking myself now looking at pictures, but my budget this month just wasn't feeling it and I was left choosing between this top and the Skies are Blue top. When I considered how much more versatile the other top was, it became the keeper. I miss this shirt already. RETURNED.
5. Papermoon Mirsilla Lace Detail Knit Top ($58) (jeans: Kut from the Kloth, earrings, Stella & Dot, baby: Ian) Hi Ian! Someone didn't want to be in his swing anymore, so he joined the photo session/fashion shoot. This top wasn't awesome. I know Sarah threw it in there because I love lace tops and lace details and lace lace lace lace... but this shirt just wasn't awesome. It was a boxy fit both in the body and in the sleeves, which wasn't flattering at all. I haven't jumped on the boxy trend because girls with major volume on top just look sloppy in boxy shapes. One thing I did really like about this shirt though was the softness! It was so comfortable on! That wasn't enough of a redeeming quality to save it though. RETURNED.

Had I kept all 5 pieces, I would have gotten the 25% discount. That in conjunction with some referral money (y'all are awesome!), my box would have ended up being about $34/piece, which is more than reasonable to me, especially for a dress. I'd totally consider this another successful Fix. I love that more fixes = more and more specific and well thought-out pieces from my stylist, Sarah. 

If you're interested in giving Stitch Fix a try, I'd love it if you used my referral link here. It's where I can earn referral credits which will help to feed my Stitch Fix obsession!


Angie said...

That dress is so cute on you!

Trish @ said...

Fun fix! And blue is stunning on you. :)

Jennie said...

I feel like your stylist really understands nursing mother needs!! Kudos to her! I keep saying I want to try this, but haven't put it in the budget yet. Maybe post maternity present to myself. :)

Love CompassionateLee said...

I adore the color & print of the Pixley Montgomery Chevron Cross-Front Top! You really look lovely in cobalt. Thanks for the introduction to a great styling service.

Happy Tuesday :)

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