Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cold Shower

Ok, I'm officially scary obsessed with The Pioneer Woman! I learned about it from some friends at work who are avid readers, which at the time, from a distance that it looked alright (translation: I thought it looked like something I'd never get into- even after listening to Amanda rave about how hilarious she is and how good her recipes are). But my goodness, have you checked out this woman's blog/website? It's funny & practical & full of good stories and yummy recipes.  Seriously, if you havent checked it out- GO Now! I took it upon myself yesterday to read the story between PW and Marlboro Man ("Black Heels to Tractor Wheels"). It's a 30+ part love story with a warning to have a cold shower handy (and it was no understatement).... and I read it start to finish! It's hilarious and romantic and exciting and should be made into a movie. See what I said? Scary obsessed! You may not HAVE to read her love story (although it's worth the time), but you should at least go for the recipes. I've tried a few already and they're awesome- and have pictures of every step so even those of us who need a little extra assistance are well covered. One day soon I want to make her Chicken Spaghetti and Cinnamon Rolls (but not in the same meal of course). 

So the question on everyone's mind is about Rockport. And here's my answer:

We'll know something May 17.

Sorry friends, no news is good news, right? We'll officially go in view of a call on May 17 and we'll find out then whether or not the job is ours. So until then, it's wait & pray time. Yes that's over a month of wait & pray time! And considering all of what's going on between now & then, it'll go by at lightning speed. Which is good, considering i'm impatient. 

One such goings on will be Jordan's graduation! His handy-dandy homemade announcement is proudly displayed above- who would've thought: when we came here I had a box of random scrapbooking stuff that my aunt gave me for christmas which I never thought i'd ever be interested in. And now I'm making my husband's graduation announcements! And this may be my own biases talking, but I think they look.... oh.... a TON better than the ones we could have bought a few weeks ago! Only problem? I only made 2 dozen, so if you dont get a handy-dandy homemade announcement in the mail, consider the picture above your official invite. And dont be offended. 

What else is in the works? Howabout another baby shower? I love love love the way the invite turned out! It's a little hard to read the wording because it's on pearly paper which doesnt mix well with a flash, but it all came together supa-dupa cute! Our sweet friends Joel & Stacy are expecting their first boy in about 6ish weeks and all of us mutual gal pals thought it befitting to have a couple's shower out to eat, considering we (used to) routinely meet up and grill out/pot luck in each other's apartments. 

Boy will I miss my pot-lucking-knock-on-the-door-at-4-am-for-something-always-has-a-cup-of-sugar/milk/flour/egg/lettuce/canned tomatoes/etc-to-loan-out neighbors. They're the best. I can say Joel & Stacy are probably our oldest (meaning longest, not age-related old) seminary friends. We met them at the very first church we tried  after moving here. And then it took us 2 years to say much more than "hello" to our literally next door neighbors and in a short time, we've come to really love them & enjoy being friends with them. I could kick myself for not establishing a friendship with them sooner!


And next week is the much anticipated, cant believe it's finally here trip to NYC! Woohoo!! A few hours worth of OB nursing conference is the only price I'll pay for 5 days in glorious New York. It'll be my first trip ever and I want to see & do everything! Central Park, Times Square, Chicago on Broadway (already have tickets!), the fold-y genuine NYC pizza, and shopping galore. Only problem? I am leaving my sweet husband at home (and my plane leaves at 0640... that's am.). I cant remember the last time traveling someplace new & exciting without him. We both love to travel and have been some pretty amazing places since we've been together (Hawaii, San Diego, Champaign IL [that's for you sam ;)], Italy, France, Germany, Honduras...) By day 5 I will be seriously homesick (with lots of grrrrrreeat pics! I've already picked out some neat-o scrap stuff to do my pages with! heehee)


Melissa said...

jealous of the nyc trip. :) i want to go to omaha next month before maggie makes her arrival to see wicked, but that's doubtful! haha

Mimsman said...

OK, my dear daughter-in-law, I cannot believe I'm saying this, BUT, I LOVE PIONEER WOMAN! Hope this doesn't classify me as gay!

After you wrote how good she was and how many friends were hooked on her, curiosity got the cat!, I had to take a look.

I have not read any of the stories or recipes, and probably won't, but I love her photography tips. How does she give away a Nikon 90 camera for free! I probably spent an hour going through her tips the other night and they were great. Makes me want to study Photoshop more and go buy a Nikon camera. Plus, what a wonderful designed web page!

Thanks for tip about PIONEE-E-R WOMAN-N-N-N !!!! A SUPER HERO!

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