Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sneaky Preview

I love the FW Botanic Gardens, but apparently my body does not! As a kid, I was an allergic mess. Every season, something would come around that I was allergic to and I would be a walking snot ball for weeks. This all changed after a surgery on my sinuses and 4 years worth of allergy desensitization shots. Miraculously, I could make it through the spring in Augusta with a minute case of the sniffles-  not the month long plague that often ended with an infected sinus or bronchitis. It was wonderful! Gone were the days of Claritin (which then required a rx), nasal sprays and gargling with hot salt water (the cure for anything, I'm now convinced.).

And then I moved to Texas.

Welcome to a land where everything is allergen-inducing, because it's a whole new set of trees, grasses, molds, flowers, etc. Lets just undo all those years of injections by bombarding my body with 1,000 new allergens. Sheesh. Anyway - enough whining - back to the gardens, which were beautiful. We got some great pictures with Joel, Stacy & baby-to-be Noah, which I'm really thrilled about. Here's a sneaky-sneak preview of a few:

And we capped the day off with a trip to Zaxby's! What could be better!?

More to come soon...


Melissa said...

my mouth is salivating... zaxbys!

your pictures are wonderful, dah-ling.

The Lowry Place said...

Be careful it cost money for a permit to shoot out there you may already know that but I just hate getting in trouble. But you did good. *Two thumbs up*

You sound like me now days with the whole allergy thing. It's been almost 2 months now worth of struggles. It's never been this bad before. :-(

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