Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Mauve had her bath today.

Which is more than what I can say about myself.

We had our first "Dinner with the Mims" night on Monday night, which was fun! We're having our students over to eat with us in small groups to facilitate deeper relationships with our kiddos. Erin (she's the one who's way taller than I am) and Meghan (she can lift like 3 times her body weight) were our first victims! Poor kids were assaulted by Mauve, who cant hold her bladder around strangers anymore. We had some yummy dinner (salad & poppyseed chicken) and some good conversation, which is exactly what we're going for. I hope to have another couple of kids over again later this week for another episode of "Dinner with the Mims"

Jordan came up with the name, which is a little lacking in creativity, but it gets the point across, right??

And then this morning, we received our new bedroom furniture! We got every piece except the dresser which was ordered incorrectly or something, so we'll get it later. Several hours and lots of screws, styrofoam and cardboard later......
And voila!!! Yay for new furniture! I look forward to posting pictures of our new sofa/loveseat/accent chair! It's also on its way to our house and is super duper cute. We've gotten most of the boxes unpacked and things are slowly finding their way to final spots. I would probably have a little more accomplished, but took some time to make something nice for my mommy. Maybe if she lets me, I'll post pictures of it soon!

Now if only we had a mattress.... details! details!


Allison said...

who needs a mattress?!? That is crazy talk! Miss you!!!!!

Mandy said...

Love the bedroom suit so far!!! Chase and I need one bad! But that will come one day! So excited for you guys!

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