Thursday, December 3, 2009

Letting myself go

I've become a real blogging procrastinator.

Here are a few things running through my mind now:
1. I have a lot more people to buy Christmas gifts for and time is running out!
2. I have to finish my Christmas cards like yesterday! I usually have them done by mid november!
3. ...Maybe I should put up Christmas decorations this year...
4. I almost have my bathroom together and it's super-duper exciting! Pictures to follow!
5. I wish there was a new Grey's on tonight!
6. I have a lot of things to do and blogging about my thoughts isnt one of them.

Here are a few things that have been happening around here lately:
1. Mauve spent Thanksgiving with her doggy friends Drake & Maggie.
2. We spent Thanksgiving with the Rhoads and Jordan's parents.
3. I've spent every waking minute i'm not at work making my Christmas cards. Retaking our pictures really set me back.
4. When I'm not making my Christmas cards, I'm making Christmas party invites for the FBCR staff.
5. Then of course there's work. Labor & Delivery has still been slow recently and I'm being put on call so often I'm running out of vacation time. I'm a little emotionally torn by this- I love not having to work, but I also love a full paycheck.

Here are a few things I want for Christmas:
1. Kitchenaid stand mixer
2. Pioneer Woman Cooks (kinda goes with #1 right?)
3. The Letterpress from Lifestyle Crafts
4. A new pair of jeans (but only when I'm 10lbs leaner)

Here are a few things Jordan wants for Christmas:
1. a Grill
2. A huge TV
3. Some new sneakers

Here are a few of my favorite blogs as of recently:
1. Blog Giveaways (I shouldnt be sharing this, as it will decrease my chances of winning...)
2. The Hubs (because he writes even less often than I do.)

Here's the main reason I'm ready to lose the blog:
1. I've run out of things to talk about and have come to making lists.


Casey D said...

if you're behind on your blogging than I'm waaayyy behind. I figured I'll just wait until school is done for the semester, then see how I feel about blogging. :) OH and I bought one of those sequined scarves that PW has on her blog. It was just so lovely.

Samantha said...

You CAN"T get rid of your blog Hollie. I LOVE it! And if it makes you feel better, I haven't done any shopping yet and am waaaay behind!

Melissa said...

I've already told you, you're keeping the blog. :)

I make jewelry. Just a thought. I have a website, and I'll even wrap it for you if you want. :) Haha.

Anyway- love you a whole heck-of-a-lot.

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