Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Sunday night was our First Annual BAFWAP: 2009 edition (Bring A Friend Win A Prize). Jordan and I encouraged our high school kiddos to bring their friends with them to Sunday Night Discipleship. We gave out prizes to the both the kids and their friends. We gave out prizes for Colossians quiz winners. We gave out prizes for sword drill winners. We gave out lots of prizes! It was a great night!!! We met a few new friends and hopefully we'll see them again soon! I love our High School Discipleship nights- it's been a great way to get to know our guys & gals a little better.

Like Stratton! Please ignore the water stain on my ceiling. K thanks.

Sorry Kendall... looks like I caught you a little off guard.

Looks like I caught Nicole a little off guard too!

Sunday night High School Discipleship is such a mouthful. So much so that we're giving the youth a chance to change the name- and win another prize! From now to December 20, Jordan and I are giving every youth a ballot to cast their vote for a new name. At the youth Christmas party, we'll randomly pick from our top 5 favorite names and someone lucky will win an AWESOME prize (among other goodies & prizes)! And by awesome, I mean the choice between a Wii, Xbox 360 or iPod Touch! Crazy good prizes, right? We're also doing the same thing for our Sunday night Middle School Discipleship. We've already given out a few dozen ballots and gotten half a dozen or so back. We hope that it will not only be fun for the kids, but encourage them to come to Sunday night and Wednesday night activities. May the most creative name win!

PS: I havent quite figured out how to load pictures that dont get cut off on the side. Sorry Gracie for chopping you in half!

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