Tuesday, December 22, 2009

We're cookin now!

Due to an unfortunate trip to Augusta (not unfortunate because I dislike Augusta or trips to Augusta, but unfortunate because of the nature of the trip. Jordan's grandfather died very very unexpectedly and we flew in town for the funeral. It was a short trip. It was a sad trip. Papa was a wonderful man of God and we all take comfort in knowing he was a Christian and that he was blessed enough to pass away in his sleep. What a wonder to fall asleep in your bed and wake up with Jesus!), we got to spend some unexpected time with my family. I was thrilled to get to see my parents and sisters (and their +1s! Thanks Erika for that tidbit!). I saw Casey's new bling and it's totally gorgeous. And somehow during our visit, we fit in time for presents (it was a tough squeeze, but we made a little time for gifts...). I told my sister last week before I had any idea we would be in Augusta that I wished I could see her face when she opened up her brand new camera in its fancy VB "camera bag." Well, I got my wish! I think Cas was stoked- I faked her out big time!

And so far on our side, Jordan and I have already gotten 3 cookbooks!
Do you think our family is trying to hint at something? I love the Masters cookbooks and my nana was awesome enough to get me that. Then Jordan got the Good Eats book from Cas & Duane because he loves that show. My awesome sister also bought me that special book in the middle. Casey is pretty great. She knew it was what I wanted!

Aint it purrrty???

Oh but wait....

Hang on a sec...

what is that?

Be still my beating heart. (Even Jordan looks stoked)

Casey is the bomb diggity. (does anyone even use that word anymore??) But wait! There's even more if you flip a few more pages...


Love love love love love it.

Special thanks to hubs for being such a good sport and holding my awesomely special personalized with correct spelling autographed by 3 people one of which being Pioneer Woman herself and you should check out her blog if you havent already because its awesome and this is a really long run on sentence with no punctuation!

Penne a la Betsy and Cinnamon Rolls here I come!!! (Taylors beware!)


Erika said...

Ahhhh I am so jealous!!! I LOVE PW!! Did your sister go to one of the book tour stops to get all those signatures? That is so amazing! I am insanely jealous!! Please tell me how the cinnamon rolls go and if they are worth the trouble!

Casey D said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your gift!! I sure do love mine :)

Allier said...

Taylors are stoked! Can't wait to be your test dummies. :)

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