Saturday, December 12, 2009


Look at my sweet puppy.

Almost asleep. So sweet.

Sweet that is, until you get a whiff.

This dog has the smelliest, stinkiest, most gag-inducing farts you can imagine. I'm telling you, something has rotted in her belly. Ever since we started another new medicine for her diarrhea, she has been farting (or tooting, as I was corrected earlier) non-stop. Seriously- a few times per hour, we'll get a sniff of Mauvey toots. Like a little black furry fart factory. We mentioned this to the vet the during the last visit and they laughed at us. Dr. Stork said it could be a side effect of some of her medicines and it would work its way out. Gee thanks. Very few of her toots have a musical warning- most are silent and definitely deadly. And they're the absolute worst when she's asleep! It's as if relaxing while asleep just opens her butt (bottom) up to let the noxious gases seep out continuously and without restraint. Gross.

Little Stinker. It's a good thing you're cute.

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Melissa said...

hahahahahahahhahaha. I can't stop laughing!!! WOW!!!!

... welcome to the world of dog farts, darling... exciting!

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