Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The family is growing by one!

I'm not talking babies here!

My baby sister is getting married!!! Her boyfriend -no- FIANCE proposed Saturday night and I couldnt be morrrrrrrre excited!!! Cas and Duane have been connected for like for-ev-er. If my memory serves me correctly, they "went out" in like middle school... or maybe it was their freshman year of high school. They split up but remained friends and then in like junior or senior year of high school came to their senses and started dating again. So now here they are- Casey's graduating from college (eek! That makes me feel ollllllllllld!) in May and getting married. My sweet baby sister is all grown up *tear! She doesnt know this, but I will be entirely too involved in her wedding planning and have already forced upon her my minister husband and handmade wedding announcements. (speaking of handmade- i'm putting the last set of Christmas cards in the mail tomorrow!) It's no secret that I'm superduperexcited & honored to be the matron of honor!

While watching Julie & Julia tonight, I find myself wondering what the deal is with my own blog. April 2010 is just around the corner and will mark 2 years worth of blogging. Errrrrrr. I just want a little direction. Maybe I should start cooking and writing recipes. I appreciate all the support from friends & family and I am not looking to delete my ramblings, just revamp them! We'll see what happens.

Oh & I need someone --anyone-- to figure out why I cant find white fudge covered Oreos this Christmas.

I need them.

PS: BAFWAP pictures soon to come!

Additional PS: You must go read the hub's blog about Christmas! It will rock your Christmas world!


Shannon said...

That's great news! I'll have to congratulate Casey on her blog too. :o)

I'm with ya on the blog thing. I feel like I've won the award for most boring blog. :o)

I did read Jordan's blog and it definitely made the Christmas story different to me now. Esp the manger/inn thing. Very interesting.

If I don't comment before Christmas....Merry Christmas!!!!

Casey D said...

Thanks Hollie!!! I'm so excited for everything. The getting married part of course, but also you being involved, Jordan doing the ceremony, and that I will have my very own, one-of-a-kind invitations :) Good luck with blog direction tooo, I know mine needs some

Melissa said...

The WE channel could start a new show... Matron-in-lawZILLA! Starring, YOUUU! Ha! ;)

I'm so excited for your growing family... now can it grow another way too, please? Hehe.

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