Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Jiggle no more

Sweat. Pavement. Jelly legs. Post-run endorphins. Next-day soreness.

Running, I have missed you.

I'm really disappointed in myself that I didnt keep in shape enough to run the Cowtown again this year. But instead of getting all beat up over my lack of self-motivation, I've set myself a new goal. A new race!

The Rock n Roll San Antonio Half Marathon! My goal? To break my PR (the one and only, set at last year's Cowtown.) This year's race (the pic is the 2008 medal for the marathon... thanks google images) is on November 14 which gives me pllllllllenty of time to get things back in order, which is good.

Especially since I woke up this morning with a fever and a head full of mucus. Yuck.

Anyway, in honor of my current favorite running music (and car singing music. and hanging out music. and music to cook to....) I'm giving away a copy of Church Music!

I find it's a funny name, since it's more like "dance party" than Church Music. Regardless of the ironic name, I love it!

So here's the thing, if you want to win a copy, answer me this:

"What are you most looking forward to watching during the Olympics??" Are you a speed skater fan? Downhill Slalom? Curling?

Leave your answer in the form of a comment. I wanted to be Nancy Kerrigan when I was in the 4th grade, so I make special time for the ice skating.

Get an extra vote in by becoming a follower (put that in a comment too.) I'll randomly pick a winner on Friday, when hopefully this head cold will be good as gone and I'll hit the streets once again.

PS: David Crowder has never met me nor heard of me and I'm giving this CD away because I think it rocks. Just so you know.


tracy said...

Well I was going to comment to say that I wish I had your love of running and that I think you're awesome for running marathons/half-marathons. But since you're giving stuff away I'll answer your question and say that I'm looking forward to the figure skating too! Yay for dancing on ice!

tracy said...

Plus, I'm a follower!

Carey said...

holler! i'm a follower on google reader...and i started running, too. don't love it, but i'm determined to get back into my jeans. :)

i'm a downhill ski-watcher as well as figure skating.

Erika said...

Well I already have this CD so you can exclude me from the contest. :) But I did want to comment that a) I love the CD, so good choice for a giveaway! b) So impressed by the half-marathon goal...and c), just for the heck of it...I love the figure skating, especially pairs. My brother and I used to attempt those lifts in our living room. It never really worked out, strangely enough.

Casey D said...

I would have to go with figure skating although I probably won't have time to watch. I pretty much want to run with you! I just have to work up the courage :)

Shannon said...

I would have to say figure skating too. I also like the event where the people ski down to a ramp and flip in the air and land. I have no clue what that's called. hehe

The Boss said...

You were in fourth grade when Kerrigan was popular? Good heavens.

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