Saturday, February 13, 2010


Quick week recap:

1. Jordan is sick now. I guess I gave him what I had last week. Bummer.

2. Mauve had her big girl surgery on Friday. She weighs a whopping 76 pounds now! Yeesh! She was a zombie when we picked her up from the vet yesterday afternoon, droopy eyed, running into things and tripping over her own feet. Then at about 8 last night, she started throwing up and managed to get every last drop on the rug in the living room. That's talented.

She's feeling a little better today.

3. We had a superbowl party for the youth at our house last weekend. I think there were more non-football fans in attendance than anyone pulling for the Saints or Colts. We had the wii set up in the office and a table for Dutch Blitz in the kitchen and I think everyone had a pretty good time!

4. We got a new camera! A little point & shoot (aka: my purse camera!) Fuji film guy. I've wanted something a little more travel-ready than my big Nikon.

5. I made a cheesecake and it was yummy. I got the recipe (White chocolate raspberry truffle- wooo!) from Tasty Kitchen. It was easier than I anticipated! I also made another batch of PW cinnamon rolls and tweaked the recipe just a tad (pecans! and I'm talking peee-cans not pu-kahns or pee-kahns folks. Speaking of funny pronunciations, I heard Paula Deen refer to chorizo as cho-rize-o instead of cho-reeez-o. Emphasis on the "rize" part. Made me laugh. Parenthetical statement over.)

6. I think Rockport may have been one of the only places in the world that didnt get snow this past week. I'm not jealous.

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