Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mpact weekend roundup (day 2&3)

Just a warning- this is a majorly picture-heavy post!

Jordan and I had such a great time this weekend! The Lord's provision never ceases to amaze me! Everything ran smoothly and without incident (at least none we heard of!). The kids seemed to have fun, the group leaders were awesome, the host homes were wonderful. All around, it was a total success. It was the first Mpact (Jordan & Andy's own moniker for what is elsewhere known as D-now) event that FBC Rockport has had in many years, and our hope is that next year, we will have many more participants!

Playing a little Mallow-ball- like baseball, only with marshmallows.

It's pretty amazing how far those little marshmallows will sail! We had several land on the gym roof and out in the woods behind the church.


Saturday evening was another corporate worship service led by the Jeff Capps Band (they also led worship on Friday night). I highly suggest you check these guys out- they are awesome!

Ol' hubs

After a moving time of worship, Edward Crouch gave an awesome message to our teens (and adults!). It was a fabulous night and the holy spirit moved in many lives. If only we could all move from the "funeral" group (frustrated with the "why did God let this happen to me?" attitude) to the "alive" group, anticipating God's wonderful works.

Sunday Morning:

Sunday morning marked the end of this year's Mpact weekend. The kids finished up their study on CrazyLove with a final session during Sunday school. Can I say again that this weekend was great?! I'm really really looking forward to the next big event with our group!

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