Monday, November 8, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 8

Day 8: A place you've traveled to.

So I like to think that at my age, I've done a great deal of traveling. I'm really really fortunate for this and in turn, I love to see new places. I've been all over the US (CA, GA, AL, TX, FL, NC, SC, VA, MD, CT, NY, IL, OH, KY, MA, LA, MS...), Hawaii, Mexico, Honduras, all through the Carribbean, England, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland... you get the idea.

So I would have a really hard time picking one single place to talk about. And then I got to thinking, what if I talk about the place I've traveled to and am currently visiting! Like, right this minute!

Augusta, Georgia!

Ok, so some of you probably believe I'm cheating. Sure, I grew up in Augusta! And now I live in Texas and Augusta has become a destination rather than my home. (wow, it makes me a little sad to type that) I came into town to throw my sweet sister a fun & exciting wedding shower. Jordan stayed home this time, but I'm thrilled because both of us will be back in 4 short weeks for Casey's wedding!

It's funny how different your hometown becomes when you no longer live there. I can remember longing to get out of Augusta when I was in high school. I guess you could easily say I got my wish, and now that I've been gone for several years, I think very fondly of my hometown. I love coming back to visit and seeing my family and wonderful old friends. Jordan and I will often meet friends and family for lunch or dinner and eat at some of the awesome restaraunts that are exclusive to Augusta... we usually gain about 5 or 6 pounds while here! Mostly our trips home are fun and exhausting and sometimes they're sobering, because we come to the realization that just as our lives have moved on since living here, so have everyone else's.

I will always consider Augusta to be where I was born and raised. What is a place you have traveled to??

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