Monday, November 1, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 1

Day 1: Introduce yourself, recent picture, 15 interesting facts.

My name is Hollie Marie Mims. I'm 26 years old. My husband Jordan and I celebrated 4 years of marriage this past July (and we dated for 5 and a half years before marrying!). I believe Jesus Christ to be my Redeemer and Savior, Father and Friend. To make a little money, I work as a nurse on a Labor & Delivery unit in Corpus Christi, TX. I have lived in Rockport for a year and some months, but I will always consider Augusta, Georgia where I was "Born & Raised."

15 Facts:
1. I'm seriously a brat about my hair. I still see my hairstylist in DFW even though I havent lived there since June 2009. My hair is no longer the color pictured above.
2. Of all the shoes I own, only a handful have heels. I wear flat shoes 99.4% of the time.
3. Dont come to my house during the day unannounced. I will most likely be in a t-shirt and underwear.
4. I just recently learned that I grind my teeth. Apparently it's a long-standing problem considering I've ground away the enamel on my back molars.
5. While we're on the subject, I hate the dentist. Maybe it was the horrendous wisdom tooth extraction a few years back leaving me with permanent paresthesia in my tongue and lower jaw.
6. I am the poster child for short-waistedness.
7. I went to a college with no real sports program, so once moving to Texas, I adopted the Longhorns as my team to root for.
8. I went to All-State as a bassoonist in high school, but I miss playing drums in the marching band more.
9. I've been to England, France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Mexico and Honduras. I love to travel.
10. I worked on a telemetry unit when I got out of nursing school. 10 points to whomever knows what that means (except you Casey.).
11. I dont have kids. I dont know when I want to have kids. The End.
12. Yesterday, Mauve barfed in the car. I'm running out of factoids about myself.
13. If I wasnt a nurse, I'd want to open a bakery.
14. I basically joined Stella & Dot to get the awesome jewelry cheaper. I hope to one day earn as much as i've spent. That's going to take a while.
15. I'm not a touchy-feely person. I dont give hugs freely. This does not mean I dont like you, I'm just a little standoffish around physical contact/affection. When I voluntarily give you a hug, it's a big deal for me.


April said...

I know what telemetry means! do i win a prize? haha! Miss you!!

Megan said...

Telemetry...heart monitoring. Did I remember this right??

Mandy said...

Wow...we have a lot of things in common! Hello long lost twin, lol!

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