Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Maternity Pictures (and a 33 week update!)

I'm a week overdue for a 32 week update, so we'll just go with a 33 week update! Instead of featuring a red tank/jeans bump shot, I'll be featuring a few of the pictures from our maternity photo session that we did earlier this week. Heather Babbitt from Random Shots Photography was kind enough to snap some shots of the two of us and I think she did a phenomenal job! I was really REALLY hesitant to do photos, for several reasons, but I am so stinkin happy that I got over my insecurities and went with it.

Jordan and I have known Heather for a few years now and were super comfortable just hanging out and catching up and posing for a few great pictures. She was nice enough to put up with my long list of photo "donts"(No bare belly shots. No alphabet blocks or baby booties or kooky props. No hands in the shape of a heart.). I really wanted the pictures to capture both Jordan and myself together as a pair not just me & a bump. He is just as much a part of this journey as I am and it was super important to me to have him with me the entire time. Heather completely understood where I wanted to go with the pictures and they came out 1000x better than I even imagined in my own head! You folks who live down here in South Texas should consider Random Shots Photography for your photo needs! We love Heather!! 

As far as being 33 weeks, there's little to update! This kiddo is somewhere around the 4lb mark and like 18ish inches or so, according to the Baby Center / What to Expect updates. The bump is now large and in charge and starting to feel a little on the heavy side. Movements are frequent and big! I've determined that this child has very long legs and is often trying to escape by kicking out one side or the other. Still not having any cravings or aversions, and I'm getting to the point where about 5 bites of food makes me feel absolutely stuffed. 

Sleep is unfortunately becoming quite a commodity these days. Turning over in bed is becoming a chore! I'm sure this is just a little body prep for the newborn nights that will be upon us in just a month and a half! In a couple of weeks I'll have my last ultrasound and cross over that 35/35 milestone. This is just absolutely crazy to me! 

Next up on our agenda is painting the nursery! The room is cleared out and the color is chosen, we just need a few open afternoons to tape off and paint. I can't wait to start putting things together and getting organized and ready for this little kiddo! Stay tuned in the next few weeks for a play-by-play of the junk room to nursery remodel, as well as photos and updates from baby shower numero dos.


Francis said...

The second picture is by far my favorite. Frame that one! I also love the last one. :)

Rachel said...

Beautiful pictures!!

Hueyxing said...

Great pictures!! <3

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