Monday, September 17, 2012

Breaking the Rules

So we've finished painting the nursery, which makes this whole baby process seem a lot more real. And yes, I was right in the middle of all the painting. I let my husband do all the work that required a ladder but certainly wasn't about to let him paint my sweet baby's nursery all by himself. In my defense, we used the no VOC/very low odor/environmentally friendly (read: expensive!) paint from Sherwin Williams. And I had a fan on and the window was open until it got so hot and humid (thank you coastal Texas!) that I just had to close it.

Maybe I haven't followed all the pregnancy "rules." Like the painting thing. And the fact that I've had my share of caffeine on an almost daily basis. And I've eaten lunch meat, but haven't acquired Listeria. And I've taken a few nice warm bubble baths. And I frequently forget my prenatal vitamins. And even though Jordan was the ladder man this weekend, I spent an afternoon recently carrying boxes up into our attic (via that rickety fold-up ceiling ladder). Lets not even discuss some of the shenanigans I get into at work. Oooh, and sometimes I wake up lying flat on my back.

And so far, my baby is still happy & healthy, kicking around and doing barrel rolls in my belly. I have no reason to believe that he or she will come out with 11 fingers or one eye (a la Cyclops). I do my best to make healthy eating choices and load up on the water throughout the day. I don't consume alcohol or smoke or do illegal drugs and I hope that if my irresponsible, unhealthy 15 year old patients can have healthy babies then my little one should be just fine. Makes sense, right?

Wanna see how the room came together this weekend?

Step 1: Empty the room out (well, almost.)
Step 2: Tape [almost] empty room off. Test possible color choices. 
I had pretty much decided on a color from Sherwin Williams called Watery. SO sure in fact that I was thisclose to just buying a can of Watery and going with it. I stared at a paint chip for weeks and at the last minute, this little voice in my head said, "try a few colors out!" I consider this the voice of reason and not the voice of schizophrenia, so I chose another color, also Sherwin Williams called Raindrop. Apparently my inner voice of reason knows best, because in the end, we went with Raindrop. Go figure.

Step 3: Paint!
Step 4: Stand back and enjoy!
The more and more I look at the new room color, the more I like it! So now it's time to put the crib together and get organizing. 


Lindsay said...

I've broken the rules so much with this pregnancy too! I ate lunch meat with both but that was all I did "wrong" with my first. This time just about everything you're doing I'm doing too and like you said, the baby is still crazy active and healthy! :) Love the room color!

Whitney said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one still doing stuff and eating lunch meat. ha
I figure if ladies back in the day could work outside all day long we can have a turkey sandwitch.

Love the raindrop color. Super cute!

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