Thursday, December 20, 2012

Five Suspicious Spots

Earlier today, Jordan and I loaded up the car, baby included, and headed out to Corpus. It's always a little bit of an adventure these days making the 45 mile drive into the big city. But with some planning, packing, and careful scheduling, it's actually pretty enjoyable to spend the day with my boy. It's never a quick trip (not worth the 90 miles), which means I've already racked up some fun nursing spots.

On Tuesday it was the men's dressing room @ Stein Mart... Winning.

See the family resemblance?

Today I revisited Dillards for a nursing session, but my "preferred dressing room" was already taken. Many apologies to the lady I walked in on, *awkward* but thank you for volunteering to share your huge handicapped room so that I could nurse my child *SUPER awkward.*

Isaac showed his distain for the inferior dressing room slash nursing spot by puking on the floor. Strangely, I considered it a major victory because A. Neither of us had even a drop of spit up on our clothes and B. I just don't have to get all that concerned about the dingy old carpet in the Dillard's fitting rooms.

I haven't had much to say about little Mauve here on the blog since Isaac arrived, but rest assured, she is still keeping us on our toes.

Sunday morning, we woke up and her right eye was almost completely swollen shut. It was a terrifying and saddening sight! It was red and oozy and she could hardly open it, so she was just sitting down with both eyes closed, since it was so uncomfortable for her to bother with the bad eye. She reminded me of those poor animals on the ASPCA commercials. I was so worried about her, I made Jordan text a picture of her eye to a veterinarian who goes to our church, just to find out if it was something that was urgent or looked like it could wait until Monday. Imagine my terror when Dr. Harrell said she needed to be seen right away. I just knew she was going to go blind... and then we'd have one of those sad dogs with the cloudy eyes who had to be led around the house. How can she be our great protector if she can't see?? My brain was obviously in overdrive.

Turns out she has pink eye.

A few days of steroids and antibiotic eye drops later, and she's on the mend. Ever try giving a 78lb dog eye drops? It's an adventure. Dr. Harrell warned us that the steroids would cause Mauve to be much more thirsty than usual, which in turn means she'll have to pee a lot more. Imagine our surprise when we returned from our extended trip to Corpus today to find not one... or two... or four... but FIVE suspicious wet spots on the rug in the living room. 80% of our house is tile, and our sweet pup had to pop-a-squat ON. THE. RUG. Awesome.

What was that I was saying about indifference @ Dillards regarding their curdled milk stained carpet?

Looks like we've come full circle.


Nancy Beyer said...

That picture is hilarious!! I remember nursing in many of dressing rooms. But the one that comes to mind is @ Marshall's when I was trying on swimsuits, I guess my little guy saw his food source & screamed until I let him nurse. Yes, definitely awkward! Being a mom is so fun :) the travel boppy became my best friend in parking lots!

Lindsay said...

haha! I've so been there! Love that picture!

Erika said...

Good call on using dressing rooms as nursing hideouts! And poor Mauve-- and poor you for having to clean that rug 5 times!! But YOU WON E'S GIVEAWAY??!!! That should ease the pain of scrubbing the rug! Congrats slash mail me any prizes you don't want! :)

~Stephanie said...

*wistful sigh* I used to nurse in dressing rooms. And then I had children that could escape.

Now my preferred nursing location is in our van.. with all the other children securely fastened in their seatbelts/carseats.


Casey B said...

Love it!! Hollie you crack me up on a daily basis with your crazy life stories :) It only we lived close, then I could be you dressing room look-out! Oh, and I feel your pain about the mysterious spots...Arabelle was on steroids twice while we had her it was awful, she's pee outside, only to pee again 30min later on the floor. Agh!

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