Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Two Months!

Wowee Isaac! You're already TWO months old! 

Silly mom only wanted to take pictures when it was nap time. We have a lot of fussy and wiggly outtakes!
We got the greatest gift ever this year! You actually turned 2 months old on your first Christmas (see my Christmas shirt and present??). Waking up to your gummy grin, smelling your baby hair, and kissing your chubby cheeks made for a wonderful Christmas morning. 

When I look at these pictures and the pictures I posted when you were 1 month old, it's like looking at 2 different babies! For one thing, almost all of your newborn hair has fallen out. I get so sad when I find your little dark hairs all over your sheets, blankets, and towels. We can see some dark hair coming in behind what's fallen out. You haven't lost hair everywhere though... right now you're really rocking the baby mullet.

It certainly seems like I am a jinx-er... or else you just really enjoy making a liar out of me. On two separate occasions I've told friends and church members that you just love to sleep... only to spend most of that night awake with you. That's always the question you get from random friends and strangers at the grocery store isn't it?! "Getting any sleep these days?" and "How's he sleeping?" Now, I just don't even want to answer them for fear of jinxing us once again!  One day last week, I made a comment to Jordan that your spit ups were getting so much better... only to wipe up puke puddles after every single meal. You think you're so funny, don't you??

Even though I'm risking another all-nighter and lots more laundry, I want to keep track of how you're growing and changing... so here goes. You're sleeping all night long! We put you down at 10pm and you've slept all the way to 7am several times. We obviously still have some bad nights here and there, but those are slowly becoming less and less frequent and are being replaced with long nights of glorious sleep! It also seems like your spit ups are getting a little better. Maybe we're just better at learning how to prevent some of the big spit ups. I say that, but just this morning, I ended up with a lap full of spit up after your first feeding!
Getting ready for the Christmas eve service and NOT interested in a photo shoot!
Regardless, you are such a wonderfully sweet little boy. We are starting to see little glimpses of your personality and for the longest time, you seemed like such a serious kid! We told you over and over again that your name means "laughter" and that you needed to live up to that name. Here in the last few days, you have really started smiling a lot more throughout the day. When you look at me and smile, it makes my whole world light up!

On the way to the Christmas eve service! Much happier in Mom's arms!
We'll see Dr. Canales for your 2 month check up in about 10 days. Those Christmas holidays and our trip to Georgia really put your appointment off. At your last appointment, you weighed 10lbs and 15oz and were 22.25in long. I wouldn't be surprised if you were hovering around the 13lb mark by now. You are barely fitting in some of your 3 month clothes these days-- especially your footie pajamas! You can't stretch your legs out anymore!! Also, you are wearing size 2 diapers. We had to take back 1 large box and 5 packs of size 1 diapers because you grew out of them so quickly!

Update!! 1/7/13- you weigh a whopping 14lb and 2oz and are officially over 2 feet long at a crazy 24.25." Those numbers put you in the 85th percentile in both categories. I can't believe you are this big!!!

It's just incredible how fast you're growing into a big boy. You can slow down a little you know. We are enjoying every single minute with you. I just love my sweet boy so very much!

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Kathy said...

What a sweet baby. Even my husband was ahhing over him. We love him in his little tie. They don't stay little very long, do they? Enjoy every moment, Hollie. Even the sleepless nights and the spit ups.

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