Friday, December 28, 2012

Isaac's first Christmas

Jordan and I had so much fun this year celebrating Isaac's first Christmas. It was a low key kinda day, which was perfect for us. Isaac certainly won't ever remember this Christmas, but it will forever be special to me! We woke up little buddy at his usual 7am and enjoyed his smiles and coos until breakfast was ready.

Paula Deen's Praline French Toast Casserole. It was DDDDDDE-Licious!
Growing up, our family always had a special breakfast on Christmas. This was a fun tradition for us that I wanted to continue with Isaac. I made french toast casserole and Jordan cooked up some sausage patties to go along with it. It was all super tasty and I hope to make it again next year for our little family! It's crazy to think that by this time next year, Isaac will be able to eat breakfast right along with us. 

This is our Christmas tree with lots of presents underneath! We didn't do a huge Christmas for each other or for Isaac this year, which is just fine. Christmas isn't even about the presents, am I right?? Did you check out our Christmas card?? The photos featured on the front and back of our card are the result of a family portrait session we did earlier this month with Cyndea from Peacock Photography. This was my Christmas gift and I LOVE the results. I can't wait to order a few ton of prints for our house. Jordan got a movie and some new clothes. Isaac got a few new outfits, a pair of pj's, a Curious George book, and a San Francisco 49'ers Dream Lite Pillow pet. Got any idea which parent the pet was from? Little buddy ended up falling asleep during present time, but Jordan and I enjoyed opening his presents for him. We each shopped separately for him, wrapped up our presents and surprised each other with Isaac gifts. It was really fun! 

Ready to open presents with dad! 

Each year while growing up, my mom would get my sister and I a new ornament each year and they were always the same type of ornament. I always got teddy bear ornaments; my sister always got rocking horses. This was another fun tradition that I wanted to carry on with Isaac, and after thinking long and hard, I decided that Isaac would get snowman ornaments! This year's first Christmas snowman ornament is this fun hand-painted ball ("Isaac 2012" is printed on the opposite side!).

Even Mauve got in on the festivities! She loves her bow, can't you tell?
After we had our Christmas morning breakfast and present opening time, I baked up some macaroni & cheese and a sweet potato casserole and we headed over to our pastor's house for Christmas lunch. We sang happy birthday to Jesus, filled our tummies, and had a wonderful time of fellowship and laughter with their sweet family. I'm hoping they dont mind that Isaac peepee-d on their couch. Whoops! 

The picture above is one of the outtakes from our would-be-naptime photo shoot. I know it's a little fuzzy, but I just love his funny little expression! His little faces are priceless!

Another funny picture from Christmas eve. He's still pretty adorable even when he's crying.
We have been so blessed this year! I am incredibly thankful for my wonderful husband and perfect little boy. Thank you Lord for your provisions on our family. Thank you for a healthy boy and thank you for letting me be his momma. Thank you for my incredible husband who also happens to be a sweet and loving dad. And thank you for sending Jesus to us, to demonstrate for us what true love really is.

"Emmanuel: God with us. To die for us. So He could live in us. Joy to the World, the LORD has come." -Richard Ross


Kathy said...

How nice that you are making traditions and memories for Isaac from the very beginning. These are things he will remember forever.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. It sounds as if you did.

Lindsay said...

What a great Christmas! Isaac is just precious! I've made that french toast before also and it's amazing!!

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