Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My New Obsession

At our house, we only have cable (DirecTV to be specific) a few months out of the year. Namely, the NFL season. Therefore, the rest of the year, we suspend our service and just stick to Hulu or movies. I blame being "late to the party" on this fact. So, I know I'm late jumping on this bandwagon, but I also know I'm not the very last (because I introduced my dad to it this past weekend). But seriously...

I LOVE Duck Dynasty.
I wish there were more shows on TV like DD. Not only is it absolutely hilarious, but it's really a great family show. It's funny without being filthy. The characters are comical without being conceited. The show is engaging without being obscene. I've come up with several reasons why DD is the

1· The family loves Jesus. I just can't put more emphasis on this - this family sets a great example to the world about what being a Christ follower means (hopefully the next few "points" will help drive this point home). They aren't televangelists, just normal people who love Jesus and live it. Not only does each show conclude with the entire family sitting down to dinner and saying sincere prayers in Jesus' name, but frequently during the show, you'll hear dialogue regarding their faith and references to Scripture. Do a little Google creepin and it'll become obvious really quick that they aren't shy about sharing their testimony, and that's awesome.

 It's Wholesome. The dialogue isn't laced with profanity or lewd comments. I find it particularly disturbing that even on stations like ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox, that their primetime sitcoms are overrun with bleeped out bad words. Notice I said 'sitcoms' -- the reality shows are even worse! But you will rarely find the Robertson boys making any kind of bleep-worthy comments. It's also refreshingly devoid of cringe-inducing sexual references and innuendos. You know how uncomfortable things can get when you're watching a movie with your parents and a sex scene pops up? Not happening here. The humor comes from genuinely funny people in funny situations.

3· The men love their wives and vice versa. There is no drama. Only appropriate representations of a marriage relationship. Aside from casual jokes, you'll never hear the spouses make underhanded comments about their significant other. Some shows have story lines that include some minor conflict between spouses (because that's just what spouses do!), but are peaceably resolved and the family unit remains intact. They don't seek out inappropriate relationships with the opposite sex. The ladies are modest in the way they dress and the manner in which they speak and behave. I've only ever witnessed loving support, respect, and deep seated commitment displayed between all the couples featured on the show. It's a great testament to marriage.

4· The parents are invested in their kids. You don't have to watch this show long to see that the parents (and grandparents!) are involved in their children's lives. Healthy relationships are portrayed including parents setting appropriate boundaries, discipline and protection, as well as love and encouragement of their kids (and kid's endeavors). As a result, their kids are respectful, well-adjusted, and hard working. It doesn't take long to recognize that the Robertsons make family their priority.

5· They work hard. Sure, many of the episodes feature the Robertson boys goofing off, but lets face it, you can't take an idea and turn it into a million dollar company without a lot of elbow grease. With a little Google creepin, you'll find that the wives are also very involved in the company. Even Miss Kay is often found working hard in the home providing meals for the family. It shows that success comes after effort, which is hard to find in a world of handouts and instant gratification.

6· Despite having a multimillion dollar company, they are still simple people. Ok, ok... I have seen shots of the Robertson homes during a few of the shows and yes, they are nice. But hear me out for a minute. I mean, for having beaucoup bucks, they are not showy or extravagant (especially when compared with their reality TV counterparts... have you seen the Kardashians or "Real Housewives"? No contest.) I mean, seriously, the guys live in beards and camo. They'd often rather hunt and kill their dinner than go to the grocery store. They just aren't all that fancy, and that's refreshing.

There's a marathon of DD on tonight, so go & watch it (it'll make you happy happy happy). That's an order Jack!


Kathy said...

I have never heard of this show, but after reading your post I looked it up on my DirecTv and am recording a couple episodes to see. Thanks for telling me about this.

~Stephanie said...

I'm a huge fan and have been from day 1!

Stacy @ Cardigans and Crayons said...

I don't watch the show, but I live in a town about 10 minutes from them.

One of the wives is my Matilda Jane trunk keeper!! :)

They definitely live out their faith. They are very involved in a local church.

But...the house they show at the beginning of the show isn't any of theirs!!! When they show the insides of the houses, that might be theirs. Not sure. But that humongo house it always shows...not theirs! LOL

Erika said...

We actually just started DVRing and watching this show last week. I think we've seen about 3 episodes. It's so funny!! But now that you've said all these things, I bet we'll like it even more!!

Anonymous said...

I love this show (and recently just found it myself). I agree with every point you make about this family

Jessica Simmons said...

New Follower! My husband and I absolutely adore Duck Dynasty for the exact points you shared in your post. I may not be perfect, but everyone once in awhile I like to sit down and watch a show where I don't have to worry about what is going to be said or done!

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

Ha! I just posted about DD not too long ago. Dan and I watched it for our anniversary night. Yes, we are THAT couple.

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