Monday, December 3, 2012

Nervous Flyer

I've come to realize that there's just no knowing how life with a baby will be until you're actually living it. You've probably come to realize that I am quickly becoming a single-subject blogger. Surely someday I'll post about something other than Isaac, but until then... it's time for more advice. But this time, it's ME that needs the advice.

Almost a year ago, Jordan and I took a church van full of college students to Passion 2012. The trip was fantastic and we knew before it was even over that we would make the trip once again in 2013. Two months later, we realize that in 2013, we will be toting a 2 month old baby along with us. At the time, it sounded like an easily accomplished adventure, the only caveat being that I would fly instead of ride in a church van.

And now it seems like an insurmountable task. 

I'll be flying by myself with Isaac from Corpus Christi to Atlanta just a few days after Christmas, which also happens to be when he hits the 2 month old mark. I'm already overwhelmed just thinking about the logistics and the unknown. So far, all of our "firsts" have been shrouded in anxieties of the unknown, but afterwards, all have been much easier than I initially imagined. I'm hoping that our first plane ride will be the same way.

What tips or tricks do you moms have for flying with an infant??

I have heard from a dozen or more people already to nurse him during take off & landing. I'm a little curious about how this will go both in a very tiny space and considering I've got 2 short flights with a short layover in between. Four feedings in a four hour period? I'll certainly be over any kind of breastfeeding modesty by the end of this trip.

Half of my visit will be spent in a hotel room. What tips or tricks do you moms have for life with an infant in a hotel room?

What are some items that I MUST pack? Conversely, what can I leave at home?

Any and all advice is welcomed! At the time, I'm mostly terrified of the trip, although I will get to introduce Isaac to friends and family in Augusta, which is exciting!


Kendra said...

Does Isaac use a pacifier? If so, you could give that to him in place of nursing.
We travelled with Klayton from the time he was 3 weeks old-believe me we got around as we were missionaries and spent alit of time in hotels. Less is more! If he's a spitter, bring lots of bibs so you don't have to bring a gazillion outfits! When he was that tiny instead of traveling with a pack n play, we had a travel bassinet that we bought from Target, it folds up so small you can fit it in a suitcase!
I will try to think of other tips, my mind is fried. We just flew this weekend for the first time with Klayton and he's 2!

Melissa said...

Oh! Enjoy! Ha.

I flew with 2, when Maggie was 4 months old & Sam 18ish months.

Prepare for break downs. Don't worry that other passengers will be scowling. They were babies once, and probably cried on a flight.

Issac may be perfect on flights. Flying zonks Samantha out.

The reason for the breast feeding is the ear popping. Try a pacifier if he'll take one, or just a little gulp of the good stuff(yes, breast feeding).at each take off and landing. Granted, 4 feedings in 4 hours is way too much... but try cutting each feeding down, so that he'll take a little... & chances are he'll try to take a little anyway, even if he's full. :)

I have 3, and I'm no expert STILL! :)

Remember to breathe. All new mama's have been through this & have survived. It really will be okay, even if there are melt downs. Heck- with said flight above- I told my mom I was staying in Chicago because I couldn't handle another flight from hell. :) We did make it to Georgia.

Love you! It will be fine!

~Stephanie said...

We flew with Solomon at 6 months. I nursed on the way up, and latched him on the way down (flight was less than 2 hours.) He didn't get much but it prevented ear pain.

I am a less is more packer. I wasn't that way with 1.. but 5 made it a surivival skill. I tell myself that Walmart is practically everywhere.

In hotels we use a pack and play or co-sleep.

Abby said...

I would suggest the pacifier too to help with the altitude if you're not wanting to nurse each time. We want to the mountains with our 12 week old and the pacifier was just fine for helping his ears.

Depending on what airline you're flying, they may already call for people traveling with kids to board first. If you're not sure though, I would definitely go ask if you can board first before everyone else. That will give you plenty of time to get your stuff and Isaac all situated without feeling like everyone is staring at you.

As far as the hotel goes, we traveled when our son was 7 weeks and when he was 12 weeks. We first stayed at a La Quinta and just had him sleep in a drawer, which worked out perfectly. The LQ actually had a lot more room so we had plenty of space for our stuff and Griffin's baby stuff. The second trip we stayed at a Sheraton and they brought a crib to the room for us. It was a nicer hotel, but the room was TINY!!!! We were overflowing with all of our stuff and baby stuff. So, depending on where you're staying might change how much you want to take!

I would pack only the necessities that you need for Isaac for the flight and then send his bag with your husband in the car, eliminating a lot of excessive stuff that you have to keep up with in the airport!

Do you have a carrier that you can wear him in? That might help as you're running through the airport trying to make your connecting flight!

Above all, remember that you're traveling with a super cute, tiny baby. You'll run into some bah humbugs who might make mean comments, but the majority of people will be very understanding and forgiving if he cries on the flight.

Good luck!! (and sorry for my novel!)

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