Thursday, April 25, 2013

6 Months!

Too Fast!! Too Fast!!! 

Isaac, you're ALREADY 6 months! That's half a year old (just incase you weren't already aware). I feel like I'm a broken record each time I post an update, because it's always so hard to believe you're yet another month older. You're growing up lightening fast. What a wonderfully exciting, fun, exhausting, joy-filled, patience-testing, amazing 6 months its been.

Look how much you've changed!!!!

You have packed a ton into this month. It boggles my mind how much you've changed just in the last 30 days. You are such a joy. We are seeing tons of smiles and hearing lots of giggles. Each day you get happier, and your "off" days are few and far between. Even today, getting 3 shots was a breeze. You're laid-back and easy to please, but also incredibly curious. You love to "dance." I am so very thankful for your sweet disposition.

You still love bath time, but are quickly outgrowing your little tub. I guess here soon, we'll have to move you out of the baby tub altogether. You're so funny, because you want to get as far into the water as you can, so you'll slide and scoot and maneuver your way around until you're in just the right spot. Usually the water is up to your ears and your legs are poking out the other side. It is a sight! You havent gotten into bath toys yet. In fact, your little rowboat ducky makes a spinny noise that startles you and makes you cry. We'll try that again when you get a little older-- and have a little more room to play! Even though bath toys aren't in rotation yet, you have lots of favorite regular toys (Winding elephant, crocodile, Marty, Sophie, and your bugs!).

You've conquered some big stuff and made new milestones this month. It's certainly kept us on our toes! You've learned how to sit up unsupported this month. You've pretty much mastered this now, except for the occasional face plant. You took your first "sick" trip to the doctor this month when you got pink eye. You had a little cold at the same time and I felt so bad for you because you appeared to be miserable. But despite your outward appearance, you were a little trooper and smiled through everything. Somehow, our tooth count went from zero last month to TWO this month! In the bathtub photo above (taken earlier this month), there are no teeth and no evidence of teeth! Then one random day, you popped out tooth #1. Jordan and I were both totally shocked. Tooth #2 popped through about 10 days later. They were probably the reason behind an "off" day here and there, but you handled them like a champion and thankfully, they never interrupted your night sleeps. Once those teeth popped through, I thought it might be time to get started eating solids, so you've had a few tastes of rice cereal. I'm super excited to try out some veggies and fruits over the next few weeks.

Rice cereal tastes alright, but ... you like to eat piggies too!

At your appointment today, you weighed 19lbs 10oz (83rd percentile) and were 27.5 inches long (84th percentile). You wear size 3 diapers and are growing out of your clothes faster than we can get them on your body. You're mostly wearing 6-12 months or 9 month size outfits, but even they are getting a little snug around the edges. Your hair is finally starting to get thicker and darker. Your eyes are still dark navy blue, which I'm hoping is the color they'll always be. I know I'm pretty biased, but I am certain you're the cutest little boy ever.

Oh little bud, I love you so incredibly much. Your excited smiles melt my heart every morning. Watching you learn and grow each and every day is simply amazing. You are such a treasure -- my absolute greatest gift. I am blessed.


Erika said...

His eyes are a little bit too big and blue. It's kinda unfair. Share some with the rest of the world!!

Carol said...

He is so beautiful! Almost sounds like you are describing Jax. He also has two teeth that have come in this past month, the difference is Jax is a month older. Ashley is making his baby food and he is liking most everything except he isn't too crazy about green beans. He is army crawling all over the place and pulling himself up on everything. We kind of figure it won't be long before he starts walking around the furniture.

Isaac does have beautiful blue eyes!

Casey B said...

I love your little boy hol! I can't wait until I get my new work schedule straight and can plan a visit!!! Its just killing me to not see him.`

Kathy said...

I know I say it every month but he is such a cutie. You are truly blessed.

Jerika Welch said...

He is a doll! They grow so fast!

I'm a new follower. Found you on the B You blog hop :)

Rachel said...

I love reading your Isaac monthly updates! These birthday twins of ours have so much in common! We're also about ready to move out of the baby tub, but I'm still a little weary since she still has her occasional falls. But I do think she'll love the big tub!

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