Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Get in my closet!

Whew. That last post was a doozy. A leeeettle disclaimer: I do love comments! Don't let my "stop the meanness madness!"throw you off. I love a good comment, and always try to reply to you lovely folks (except you no-reply commenters. That makes life sad. Don't be a no-reply commenter.)

Now that THAT is off my chest, lets have some fun today, shall we?

Spring has sprung! But unfortunately, my closet is still at a loss. And with my lack of work, so is my bank account. Thus, an unattainable drool-fest of adorable springy dresses, tops, bottoms, shoes, bags...ah! It's just too much to handle. I mean, aren't spring clothes the best?! Fall & Winter clothes start hitting stores in July, which is both crazy and depressing. Months of muted dark colors, chunky sweaters, and closed-toe shoes... It'd make anyone yearn for pastels, florals, lace, and sandals.

Here's what I'd take home. You should all get in my closet. Now please.

Dress. Scarf. Top. Wedges
Sweater, Top, "Dress" (gimme some leggings w/that!), Necklace, Belt
Ok, so maybe I like lots of neutrals & girly, feminine details. So sue me. Also, I couldn't narrow down a purse. First World Probs Y'all.

What would you add to your closet???


Melissa said...

Thrift stores my darlin!

Becky said...

Haha love the title! I'm also drooling over spring clothes and wishing they'd magically appear in my closet!

Erika said...

Ooooh...lovely picks. I wonder if the Toms wedges are as comfy as regular Toms? Or at least any more comfy than other wedges?

Emily said...

I was just in Old Navy last week, and they have a navy lace tee that is very similar to the JCF one! I thought the quality was fairly good.

I am just hoping to fit into some of my old spring clothes! Most of my purchases this spring will be workout gear for this postpartum mama. :)

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