Wednesday, October 30, 2013

12 Month Update!

You've made it to 1 year now! It's a little surreal telling other people that I have a one year old. You're looking & acting more and more like a little boy each day. This is by far my very favorite age, because every day is new and exciting! I would love to hit the "pause" button and just enjoy every little moment with you. You are so full of life, energy, and laughter. You are inquisitive and always investigating new things. You keep me smiling all day long. I adore watching you discover new things and saying new words-- you're growing and changing so quickly now!

Look how much you've changed in the last year!

You're just getting SO big!

So what did you do this last month besides have a birthday?? You made the transition from breast milk  to whole milk with absolutely no wrinkles. Then you went from bottles to sippy cups with zero issues. You're a champ! Nowadays your cups of milk have replaced our nursing sessions, so you get milk in the morning, before your afternoon nap, and at bedtime. It's been so easy and I'm really thankful you're so "go-with-the-flow." On the food front, we've learned that you're not a sweet eater. Ive given you cookies, cake, and chocolate and every time, you make the funniest face and just push the good stuff out of your mouth with your tongue. Conversely, you love green beans. That is 100% your daddy's palate.... because we all know mama has a mouth full of sweet teeth!
You cut a molar sometime in the last week or so, which takes your tooth count to 9. It was nice to have a few months free from teething, and I was expecting a new one any day.  I was pretty certain that you were teething a few weeks ago, but getting a peek in the back of your mouth isn't the easiest (especially when you're really protective of those sore gums!). Once again, it didn't really slow you down- you've always been such an easy teether and those molars havent seemed to bother you any more than the rest.
You're crawling, rolling, scooting, and standing, but not cruising or walking yet. Dr. Canales isnt worried at all about your motor skills yet, so neither am I! One day soon, you'll run circles around me, so I'm just enjoying these last few days of slower moving Isaac (which is kind of a laugh-- you can really get around fast!). You love throwing balls, swinging, and getting thrown in the air. You also love being around other little kids, especially if they will play with you. Even though you've been giving kisses for the last few months, here recently, you've really become more affectionate! You'll cuddle without protest and give kisses without prodding. It makes my little momma heart melt into a puddle.
You are 24 pounds & 13 ounces and a really tall 31.5" long. That means you're in the 80th percentile for weight and 90th percentile for height! Your head circumference is in the 95th percentile! Big boy!!! You're wearing mostly 12-18 month clothes with the occasional 18-24 month thrown in. You're in a size 4 shoe, but it's a stuff-the-foot-in-and-pray-it-stays-on kinda setup. Looks like you'll be in a 5 soon. You're wearing a size 4 diaper.
Oh my sweet, sweet boy! I adore you to pieces. This past year has been so fulfilling, so sweet, so fun. I am incredibly proud to be your mama-- I dont know how I got so lucky. God knew exactly what our family needed when he brought you into our lives, and I am so SO thankful for you. I pray that I can continue to be the mama that you need, that I can teach you how to be a gentleman, and that you will grow up to love God with all your heart.

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Those collages are so cute! He is precious, Hollie!

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