Monday, October 21, 2013

Miscellaneous Monday Musings

  • On Friday, I will have a one year old. ONE. 12 months. 52 weeks. 365 days. Why does it feel like all the air just sucked out of the room?! Where did the last year go? 
  • I really need to call and reschedule Isaac's 12 month well child check up. It'll be the third time I've had to reschedule since making the appointment. Whoops! Hopefully I don't run out of do-overs, or at least don't talk to the same receptionist every time. 
  • I have been a major procrastinator in all things first birthday party prep. I felt a little ridiculous thinking about birthday things when Isaac was 6 months old, but then at 11 months, I kept telling myself I have a ton of time to get things together. Now I've got 5 days. Time to throw the Pinterest ideas out the window and commence crazylady mode. 
  • On top of Isaac's party, I'm also throwing a baby shower for a friend in a few weeks! Shoulda made her invites... oh... like yesterday. 
  • On top of these parties, tomorrow I start orienting a new graduate nurse to the wild & crazy world of Labor & Delivery. We'll be paired up for the next few months and over the course of our time together, I'll impart every morsel of wisdom I have upon her. And hopefully she won't run away screaming. It should be fun! 
  • And then rounding out my too-much-on-my-plate-kinda-life, I'm in full swing planning mode for this year's Girls Retreat. We'll be working through the book Gods at War by Kyle Idleman, which I have recommended to anyone who will pay attention. It's incredible - one of those painful but good kinda shakeups... and yet, it's written with lots of great anecdotes and funny moments, which makes for an easy & enticing read. I hope the girls enjoy it as much as I did. 
  • I never had a SINGLE problem last week after dropping breastfeeding. No engorgement. No leakage. No Isaac problems. It was easier than I could have ever imagined and I feel like I'm out of the woods regarding those uncomfortable issues. I've even started introducing whole milk mixed in with frozen breast milk and Isaac has taken to it really easily. Totally awesome & two thumbs up. On the negative side, I've had one two THREE bags of frozen milk with a hole, which turns the thawing process into a huge mess. How did that happen? Thumbs down.
  • I ran my scheduled 7 miler this weekend. It was nice to finish in less time than it took me to run 6.4 miles the week before. Maybe my half marathon time goal isn't so far off base after all. I am already dreading the thought of running 8 miles this week. To ice bath or not to ice bath? That is the $10 question. Those of you seasoned runners, what distance do you start with the ice baths? Or do you ice bath at all? Can I say ice bath one more time? Ice bath. Ice bath. Ice bath. 
  • I beat my husband and retained my first place status last week in fantasy football. It wasn't the face-stomping I was hoping for, but a win is a win. Of course, I'm currently in the middle of another week and another opponent which I may or may not beat depending on how tonight's game plays out. Fingers crossed.

  • I love y'all and all.... but I gotta get back to party prep. 


Becky said...

Eeek happy Isaac's birthday week! :)

I've never done an ice bath - let me know how it goes!

Rachel said...

I feel ya on the party prep this week!!

And holes in the bags are THE worst. We've definitely had that happen a time or two. So odd.

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