Friday, October 25, 2013

October 25.

One year ago today, at 6:44pm, I became a mama. 

Isaac came flying into my life and wrecked me in the greatest way possible. Our little family grew from a pair into a trio, but it was an absolutely perfect fit. Those first few weeks are just a blurred haze of sweet cuddles and stolen naps. I was exhausted, but life was full. Nowadays, you are a giggly, outgoing boy who loves giving kisses, swinging, and eating french fries. It is my favorite "age"so far and I am expecting things to get even better from here.

There were plenty of tough days. Worries and anxiety wrecked my mind over every simple thing. There were struggles within myself and the little difficulties that come with raising another person. I was clueless and you still loved me. I made mistakes and am certain to make more. I'm far from a perfect mama, but I've only ever wanted to be your mama.

And here we are, 365 days into our journey together. Days filled with cuddles and laughter. Tears and kisses. Bumps and bruises. Hair loss and baby bangs. Great night sleeps and awful naps. Stinky diapers and fun bath times. Love, love, and more love.

You filled my heart with joy in ways I'd never experienced outside of motherhood.

You have taught me that everything is washable.

I've learned to appreciate every little day, for it only happens once.

I have been richly blessed and I am endlessly grateful.


Becky said...

Happy Birthday Mr Issac!!! :)

Kathy said...

Happy birthday to Isaac! It's just the beginning of a wonderful life.

What a sweet post.

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