Monday, October 14, 2013

Bye Bye Breastfeeding and other weekend events

So last week ended up being link-up central around these parts. Midweek confessions, #onebigtruth, and SUYL, olé! While they're all significant to me in my life at this time, it's also nice just to sit & chat for a minute.

For the first time in a long time, this weekend had nearly nothing on its agenda. And that was awesome. Jordan and I were able to steal away a night alone and ate a delicious dinner baby-free. In true parent fashion, we spent the majority of the meal talking about how cool our kid is. Because, well, he is. And what else do supercool parents do on a date night? Go to Target of course. After dropping some major cash on things like sippy cups and shower gifts, we went home and rescued our valiant babysitters from Mauve.

After a lovely and relaxing night out, I got up before the sun (and my son) did and went on a run with one of my half-marathon training friends. You know how sometimes, during a run you feel like you could go 1,000 miles and still have energy left over? And sometimes you feel like every step is a physical and mental battle? This run was definitely NOT the 1,000-mile-and-still-have-energy-left type of run. It was humid. It was hot. I literally got a dozen mosquito bites. It was my toughest run to date. Slowly, but surely, we churned out 6 and a half miles. I'm not proud of my time, but I am proud of finishing. Plus, it totally justified a cupcake at the baby shower I attended Saturday afternoon. This week's schedule is 3 miles / 3 miles / 7 miles. I'm confident after finishing this weekend's run, that 7 will happen. I think I can I think I can I think I can I think I can...

Mommy + Isaac photo session after a sweet shower for baby Grace
There's another significant thing that happened this weekend: I stopped breastfeeding. Saturday night was my last nursing session with Isaac and it was sweet. There are lots and lots of reasons why I chose now to be the end, but essentially (and without long explanations), it just felt right. He did wonderfully well transitioning from 3 nursing sessions per day, to two sessions and one bottle, to one session and two bottles, to done! I'm thankful to have a plentiful stash of frozen milk to carry him through the end of his first year without needing any kind of supplementation. I'll probably even have enough to make one final donation to the milk bank. Surprisingly, not only has Isaac done incredibly well with this new transition, but I'm feeling really fantastic about things as well. I assumed I would be a basket case on Saturday night after that very last feeding, but I think the perfect word to describe my state of being is nostalgic. It was an incredible end to an incredible journey.

I know everyone is on pins & needles to hear how my fantasy football week ended up after I confessed my (ahem) unhealthy obsession with winning. Or perhaps I'm the only one who's on pins & needles. Of course, the week doesn't end until MNF is over and done. Unfortunately, it's not going to be the face-stomping I was hoping for. (Maybe this isn't such a good thing for my marriage...). In fact, it's going to be really close. Really really close. And because I'm all played out, I just get to watch my husband rack up the points tonight and feel utterly helpless, which isn't the most awesome position to be in.

See? I'm so verklempt, I'm ending sentences with prepositions.


Erika said...

I have never experienced one of those mythical runs you described. I typically feel like dying about 18 steps in. So...props to you for pressing through and completing the final 20,000 steps. :) Your hair looks awesome, too!!

Rachel said...

Congrats on finishing your journey with breastfeeding!! That is awesome momma! We are no where near a place where M is ready to be weaned, and honestly, neither am I. So it's encouraging to hear that you felt good about it ending. I hope I'm able to be in that pace...soon!

And yay for date nights...especially ones that involve a trip to Target :)

Casey B said...

Love target! You have the most awesome baby! And I'm proud of you for lacing your tennies back on again :)

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