Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Midweek Confessions 10/9

-I bought a new pair of work shoes recently. My old pair was both stinky stinky stinky and had a hole in the toe. Considering I frequently christen my shoes with amniotic fluid, I wasn't willing to pay a lot of money on them. Thanks to RueLaLa for offering me up some adorable tennies for less than $50. I've worn them for a week now and um, well, while they are ridiculouslycomfortable, they already stink like dirty feet. It's no wonder my coworkers put Odor Eaters in my locker. More than a subtle hint.

-I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies for our MNF meet-up and went out on a cra-ay-ay-azy limb and put not one... or two... but THREE different kinds of chocolate chips in the mix. And I may have already eaten nearly a dozen by myself.

-My husband begged me to play on his fantasy football team this season and like a dutiful wife, I may have reluctantly agreed. Well check out who is on the top of the pack after week #5:

RankTeamW-L-TPts ForPts AgnstStreakWaiverMoves
1avatar Hello Nurse4-1-01063.92887.58W-224
2avatar FiredUp3-2-01010.25879.93W-23-
3avatar Blue Knights3-2-0912.43854.73W-1510
4avatar X-men2-3-0948.04984.66W-1110
5avatar Minister of Defense2-3-0947.71889.33L-274
6avatar saintspone2-3-0911.751021.32L-145
7avatar MinerNiners2-3-0895.751026.16L-185
8avatar sgt. slaughter2-3-0884.561030.70L-2613
Last standings update: Wed Oct 09 03:51am EDT

(I'm Hello Nurse) (that means I'm in first place) BOOOYA. My husband would tell you that this fantasy football thing has turned me into a maniac. I don't just want to win. I want to obliterate the competition. My grand plan is that if I can absolutely dominate, that he won't ask me to play again next year. This week I play my husband... and I plan to stomp his face in.


Erika said...

STOMP HIS FACE IN!!!! You go, girl!! That is awesome. I would never stop boasting and bragging if I were to beat my husband at his own game. It's probably better for our marriage that I don't bother trying. :) Also...sad about those stinky shoes. I have the same issue with like...all shoes. Ugh.

Donna said...

Stopping by from Midweek Confession link up! Yesterday I made chocolate chip cookies and stopped counting how many I ate after 4, your cookies sound even better!

E said...

First, I need to see these shoes. (And, don't worry, I'm the proud owner of stinky feet myself too.)

And second, now I'm craving chocolate chip cookies! :)

Becky said...

hahaha I hope you rock fantasy footba this week!!!

I need some new flats for work but I have trouble finding good ones without spending a lot of $$$!

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