Monday, May 5, 2008

An Ode to my Lovey-cakes.

I just have to take a minute to tell everyone what my incredible husband did for me this weekend. 

First off- I worked all weekend. (but I never got called in Thursday!!! Miraculous!!!) Friday 12 hours, Saturday 12 hours plus we went out to eat with friends until 11pm, and Sunday 12 more hours. So listen to this, Saturday, my incredible husband cleaned the house for me. We're not talking a little pick up / put away time. He scrubbed and mopped the kitchen floor and bathroom, cleaned the toilet, shower and sink (even dusted off the q-tip holder and cotton ball holder), vacuumed the whole place and cleaned the kitchen. And on top of that he washed and dried all the laundry AND folded AND put it away. He even had time to go get a haircut, all before I got home on Saturday night. Isnt that incredible??? 

THEN (if this wasnt good enough already!) on Sunday, he went *by himself* to a wedding shower for a new couple in our sunday school class. He also drove to Target, picked out a gift on their registry, bought it and wrapped it and took it to the shower too. I about dropped dead when he told me all of this, I was so excited!!! Isnt my husband just the greatest?!?!

Current song stuck in my head: nothing really. :)

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