Wednesday, May 21, 2008


You know that feeling you get when you've completed something you've been putting off for so long? That dirty job or that tedious task? Well I've finally broken down and...... organized my scrapbooking stuff. Not a small feat, I would say. But now all the solid papers, patterned papers, card stocks, paper packs, rubber stamps, clear stamps, ribbons, buttons, brads, eyelets, chalk stampers, cat-eye stampers, plain stampers, gemstones, plain stickers, clear stickers, 3-d stickers, rub-ons, scissors, cricut tools, cutting blades, corner-adorners, glue-thingies, books, cricut cartridges, cuttlebug, die-cutters, embossing folders, staples, glitter pens, photo pens, markers, paintbrushes, envelopes, a fastenater and a crop-a-dile are all in their rightful place. I picked up this fantastic 3 drawer plastic cabinet from the trash dump outside our apartment. Now, before you go thinking I'm some sort of dump-diver, I do not go fishing around in our trash bins for goodies. It's just something students do around here; when you're no longer in need of something, you place it out by the dumpster and it's fair game to anyone who walks by. We have friends who got a loveseat, and we've even put some of our mildly-used goods "out to pasture."  Some (poor) soul got Murray, our former vacuum cleaner. It was a hand-me down from the Kertschers, and when it turned on it smelled like a mixture of Murray, their dog for which the cleaner was named, and coffee, because one day I spilled a ton of ground coffee on the floor in the kitchen.  Thankfully we've upgraded to a Dyson, although Murray served us (and someone else, apparently!) very well. 

I really really want mexican food tonight. 

Got a clean bill of health from the dentist today *woohoo!* I'm somewhat surprised, considering I havent been since we were married. Gross, I know, and we've even had dental insurance the entire time, I just dont hold the dentist as a top priority on my things-to-do list. Anyway, got a good cleaning and a scolding for not having my wisdom teeth pulled yet, and got sent packing. Yay for no cavities!!! 

If anyone has been to San Diego, CA please let me know. Jordan and I are planning a trip there this summer and I'm just bamboozled by where to stay and what to do. We've got to book our plane tickets and hotel soon, while there's still something reasonably available. I'm really looking forward to finally having a relaxing vacation with my husband; something we haven't done since Hawaii. I dont consider flying to see family or spending the weekend out of town with friends or flying to a wedding a vacation, although we've done a lot of all of that these past 2 years. Finally, just me and Jordan doing whatever we want for a few days in sunny California- a place neither of us have been before! :) Too bad I've got 2 months worth of work and routine standing in the way (hopefully it will go by quickly!)

Current song stuck in my head: Mushaboom by Feist

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Megan said...

So, I need to organize my scrap bin sooooo badly! Its such a mess that I almost am too overwhelmed to work on any new projects. Current project=baby scrapbook for sis in law. Ahhh! I'm dying to get an organizer desk and trade in my oversized storage bin :)

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