Monday, May 19, 2008

Once Again

I had mixed feelings this week about my on-call shift. Half of me wanted the day off, and half of me wanted the $money$. Wanting the day off is kind of selfish, considering I had the past 2 days off and the next 3 off as well. Plus, after I work this weekend, I wont be back until June 5. That's like 11 days off I think. I dont think I've had that much time off since I started @ Baylor. It'll be time well-spent. Anyway- about the on-call thing... havent gotten a call yet. I know who's in charge today and I have a pretty good feeling that I wont be  called in at all. 

Saw Prince Caspian on Saturday- really enjoyed it. Also, we watched Untraceable last night, which exceeded my expectations. The ending, however was awfully abrupt. 

Current song stuck in my head: Mushaboom by Feist

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