Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A light @ the end of the tunnel??

I'd like to say that things got much better shortly following my last post, but that would be a lie. We did end up going to the ER on Monday night after Jordan continued to be sick all day Monday despite having new medicines called in for us by his doc. We made the trip up to Baylor at 11pm and finally got in a room @ about 3 Tuesday morning.  (yup, 4 hours in the waiting room, running back & forth to the bathroom) He was so dehydrated, the phlebotomist joked around, saying his blood looked like motor oil. After he would throw up, his face would be gray and his lips would be blue, it was just bad all over. He ended up getting an IV and 2 bags of fluids. They had to stick him twice for the IV, which I thought was pretty great considering how dehydrated he was and he doesn't have easy veins to start with. We tried another new medicine and some IV pain and nausea meds, which seemed to be a good combination. Jordan got a couple of naps in while on the stretcher waiting to see his lab results. He felt a lot better after being hydrated a little (his cheeks were pink!), although I think he could have probably used a 3rd bag. But that's  just my opinion. They ended up drawing a hepatitis panel because J's liver enzymes were "elevated" on his comp. I dont know how elevated "elevated" is, I mean, I guess not crazy high, because they ended up letting us go home around 8am tuesday morning. We're supposed to see his pcp on Friday to find out the results of his hepatitis labwork. I'm interested to see what comes out of that... 

Thankfully. THANKFULLY. Tuesday when we got home Jordan slept (like, really slept well) until about 2 that afternoon. Then, we slept again last night. He hasnt been sick to his stomach since the ER, and he's actually hungry and eating now. He's had some problems with nausea after he eats, but it's quelled with phenergan. He's slowly getting his energy back and is up moving around the house. Only thing we're still dealing with is a bad headache that comes and goes. It wouldnt be such a big deal, but if we're thinking he has hepatitis, we have to be careful with pain meds, especially Tylenol. So he's still uncomfortable and we're trying all sorts of non-pharmacologic remedies for headaches, with little relief. 

We've watched movie after movie after movie this weekend. 27 dresses, Hot Rod, Mad Money, PS I love you, Juno, and now we have P2 and Over Her Dead body. Our Tivo is mostly caught up, and we've seen a lot of daytime TV. I'm hoping to go back to work tomorrow- I was supposed to go today, but after what happened yesterday, I didnt want to leave him by himself for 12 hours, plus I was exhausted. We both slept pretty well last night, I didnt wake up until almost 10 this morning and I could have slept longer. Jordan was only up 1 time, and that was because of his headache, which he took something and fell back asleep. 

I finished Eli's baby announcements and dropped them off and totally forgot to take a picture of them. Whoops!!! They turned out to be really cute, lots of layered paper and ribbon and buttons and a sweet, sweet picture of Eli. They took a lot of time and a lot of implements to finish, but I think they ended up looking very cute. I've made several more cards here recently, and that wont end soon, as we have lots and lots of birthdays and anniversaries to celebrate here soon! I definitely look forward to a celebration after this dark time. 

This is the picture of Eli we used for his announcements. Isnt he sweet?!?! He's got a little dimple in his chin, just like daddy. Btw- I did not take this picture, Kelli's friend Stephanie Hamilton did! Isnt it great?? 

Current song stuck in my head: Realize by Colbie Calliat

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Shannon said...

Wow, what a week for you guys. Tell Jordan I hope he gets to feeling better soon. You take care of yourself too!

p.s. I found your blog off of Debbie's blog. hehe

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