Saturday, July 5, 2008


I am disappointed by the hatred in the world.

I have recently learned of a horrible thing that happened to someone so near to my heart, she and her husband are like family. The ultimate betrayal of security for her came in the form of a man who broke into her house while she was home alone. The unthinkable happened. 

My heart is broken for her, for her husband. To know what was done makes me sick to my stomach. I cant imagine what they are going through and I hate being this far away during such a time of turmoil. 

They are no longer living in the same area, but staying with family members while looking for a new place to live. I dont know if I'd ever feel comfortable someplace again, as they were in a "nice" part of town. I pray they can find a safe place to call home again soon. 

Most of all I am angry. These 2 people are some of the sweetest, most God-fearing people I know. I look up to them as a married couple and fellow sister & brother in Christ. I am angry at God for allowing this to happen. I cant imagine how to begin to pick up the pieces after something like this, how to heal, how to survive both physically, emotionally and mentally. This must be such a struggle on a new marriage, I pray that they both turn towards God in this horrible, horrible time. I can only trust that there is a silver lining in this, and somehow, God will be glorified. 

Current song stuck in my head: Heaven let your light shine down by Collective Soul

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