Friday, July 11, 2008

San Diego; A Whale's Vagina.

The view from our room
(it's hard to tell from the pic, but that's the Pacific just past the pink building)

I really enjoyed our little hotel- it was so quaint!!! It was only a block or so from the ocean, in a perfect location. It is locally owned, kind of a large B&B. They brought us yummy breakfast to our room every morning and had cookies & lemonade each afternoon (sometimes we were there for cookies, sometimes not.). La Jolla was beautiful; full of little shops and delicious restaraunts. It was very hilly- we got a workout everyday! The best & most surprising part?!? The temperature! It only got up to the 80's, I think. Most everyday it was overcast and cool with a cold breeze. It was such a nice departure from the heat of Texas. I dont think I ever took my hoodie off!

@ the Beach!

The water was freeeeezing!!! We definitely didnt swim- and I quickly ran back out of the water after this picture was taken! I may be just a bit disappointed that we didnt spend more time at the beach... we looked at it a lot, but didnt really spend a lot of time @ the beach. The La Jolla cove probably isnt the best location for laying out and sunbathing, which is usually all I do when I hit the beach. The water was super super clear- you cant tell from here, but you could see straight to the bottom! Totally gorgeous. 

The "beach"

So probably, around the corner, is a real beach that you could walk down to. This was really what things looked like in La Jolla. It was a hike between coves, can I emphasize enough the walking??? :) It really was gorgeous, breathtaking coastline. 

A partial view of the San Diego skyline

We went downtown for our anniversary and walked around the Gaslamp Quarter. I'm only slightly ashamed to say we ate at the Gaslamp Strip Club! How funny, right?!? It wasnt really a strip club, as in take-off-your-clothes strip, but new york strip, as in melt-in-your-mouth good. Although the restaurant capitalized on the strip club thing by giving the menu items fun names, among other things. It was tasty and fun and unexpected anniversary dinner! Not only did we have a new york strip, we had grilled asparagus (my fav!!!) and white truffle mac & cheese. Delish- totally delish. Pretty much all our dining experiences were great-- except maybe the Disneyland food... not so great, and crazy expensive. 

More to come........

Current song stuck in my head: watching WNTW- another fav show :)

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