Monday, July 21, 2008


So things are pretty much the same. My jaw is really stiff on one side and I can open my mouth just far enough to get a spoon/fork in. But dont let that fool you- I'm still sticking to mostly liquids. I did eat some watermelon this morning, which I was pretty excited about, except that I couldnt taste it. (because my tongue is still numb too.) Apparently this tongue thing happens sometimes- according to whoever I talked to @ the dentist's office this morning. I was able to crank my jaw open enough to see my bottom holes (where teeth used to be) and they dont look half bad. Stitches are still there, the tissue is nice & pink... from a nurse's standpoint, it looks like they're healing well. If my lower jaw is healing well, then my top 2 holes are probably doing backflips.... I really thought the dentist was going to break my jaw trying to get my bottom teeth out. Yikes.  I dont really want to go back to work looking like I have marshmallows stuffed in my cheeks, but I'm scheduled to go back Wednesday. I can only hope that tomorrow I'll have some sort of miraculous recovery and all the swelling, tingling, soreness, etc will be gone. At least if I do end up back at work on Wednesday, I'm in the operating room all day, so I'll have a mask on to hide my poor swollen cheeks! 

I have watched every movie, seen every TV show, read all my books (except one which isnt very interesting yet...) and am entirely bored. I need to fold & put away laundry, but I'll find ANY excuse to keep from doing that... doesnt EVERYONE hate that part? It's the pits.

I got a wonderful visit from Michelle last night- she brought us food! Our Sunday school class is the best- we have another couple coming over tonight - they sent Jordan home with food Sunday morning! I mean, extractions arent open heart surgery, but it is really nice knowing we have people praying for us, and Jordan has plenty of good stuff to eat while I'm feeling bad and not cooking. We're saving some of our delicious goodies in the freezer for when I can eat again too. I should be using my time today to make thank you cards, but I havent started on that quite yet. Anyway- I love our class, and even though we're continuously looking for ways to unite the class, I feel like this is the most active, outgoing, and caring sunday school I've ever been apart of. We've always said the Stranges are our adopted family out here, but now our whole class is becoming like family. 

Am I praying God will provide Jordan a job in Fort Worth? 

Current song stuck in my head: Fix You by Coldplay

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