Thursday, July 10, 2008

I'm sitting in the Albuquerque airport, waiting for our next plane to board. We will be homebound once again. Isn't the last day of a wonderful vacation just the pits?? Knowing that you'll have to go back to real life after days of indulgence and frivolity, is never something to look forward to. We had an amazing time in California- it was beautiful and cold! (a welcome change from the 103-105 degree days we're having in Fort Worth. Once I get home and all our pictures are loaded, expect the next few posts to be all about our fabulous trip.

My mouth hurts. I'm talking hurts. There are times (few, but there ARE times) where I think this hurts worse than a kidney stone. I cant say about labor, but I've heard it's very painful too (everyday!) It hurts to chew, touch, brush, drink... my teeth are super sensitive now too, so even if it doesnt hurt to chew, if the food/drink isnt lukewarm, it'll hurt then too! I'm totally frustrated by all this- and I know Jordan's about ready to kick me out of the room with all my whining and complaining. I've probably totally destroyed my liver with all the NSAIDS i've been taking (with no relief) for the past week & 1/2. Either I have very little liver function, or I'm on the road to a GI bleed. Nice. I'm hoping to see the dentist (dread!!!) tomorrow, but that'll only happen if someone cancels. I dont know if I've got an abscess somewhere, or my wisdom teeth are giving me fits, or what, but there is nothing that I can do to make this pain stop! It's driving me crazy!!!!!!!!!!

Enough whining. It's time for another advil... or maybe 8. Hundred. 

Current song stuck in my head: Damaged by Danity Kane

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