Thursday, July 24, 2008


I feel like an invalid. 

and I should rename my blog to "24 hours of whining and torture." Because I feel like that's all I do! 

Nothing much has changed.... my tongue is still totally numb. No taste. No hot. No cold. I do think that earlier today while eating some watermelon that I bit my tongue- so maybe it is getting better? My jaw is still stiff, and no amount of painful stretching is helping. I've expanded my diet from slim fast and ice cream to include soup, watermelon and fudgecicles too. My mom is convinced that I'm wasting away, but I'm certain- after packing away a cup of blue bell per day, that my waistline is fine. Only problem with a cup o' ice cream per day? It doesnt add up to much energy. Deciding to go back to work yesterday may have been a mistake. I fell asleep quickly (on the couch) after getting home and when Jordy woke me up around midnight, my teeth were on fire! When I woke up this morning I had the worst headache!!! I didnt go to work today. I feel like such a punk- I've only worked 4 days since we got back from California. I've burned up all of my sick time and several vacation days.... for my stupid teeth.

I'm so ready to be done with all this. 

And I really appreciate all the people who have been an encouragement. The Stranges, the Whittens, the McElroys, the Ackermans... My MOM (loving on us in a big way from far away)... Mandy- keeping me encouraged that all these symptoms I'm having may be normal... and everyone who knows a little about having problems with extractions and know it's not easy. All the prayers, the phone calls, the messages... it's been a wonderful encouragement for myself and Jordan!

I gotta get started on some cards. :)

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