Monday, July 14, 2008


I totally met Mickey Mouse

I LOVED Disneyland. It was, I think, the highlight of our trip to California. Call me childish, call me small-minded, but it may very well be the happiest place on Earth. Why else do all the superbowl winners and gold-medal winners and Presidents and important people always say, "I'm going to Disneyland! (or Disney World, equally as cool as Disneyland.... but nevertheless.)" I just love Disney. I even got this fab little pin of Minnie dressed as a nurse that I keep on my badge... right next to RN. :) We totally got up early and drove in our crappy little rental car from San Diego to Anaheim to live @ Disney until like 1125PM that night, when we got back into our crappy rental and drove back to San Diego. It was a blast. 

Park Hopper?? Uh, Yes.

We did California Adventure too, just incase you were wondering. We took breaks for food and the occasional restroom break, but for the most part, we filled every minute of our day with meeting Mickey & the gang and riding neat rides and seeing fab shows. I have now met my blog quota for the word "fab" and will no longer be using it, just incase you were wondering. 

Despite forgetting to take my meclizine prior to entering the park (the medicine which keeps me from yacking after being tossed and turned about, as you do at amusement parks), I rode on. We both totally loved the Toy Story ride- It was incredible! You sit in this car with a gun and 3-d glasses and shoot at moving targets throughout the ride. The car keeps track of your score and at the end, I was victorious! It's all pretty fantastic- getting flinged around corners and swirling around, everything is 3D and wowee. It was impressive. We also loved the Indiana Jones ride, despite a minor expletive release at a climactic point in the ride. Ha! And of course, we did all the usuals.... Pirates, Haunted Mansion, etc. We could have easily filled a second day, but alas, we only had 1.

Jordan & I 

We got these little "Happy Anniversary" buttons when we first got to Disney and proudly wore them alllll day. So our anniversary was the day prior to our park adventure and all, but we were still all about the celebrating. The neat thing is, all the worker peeps... "Cast members" as they're so referred to, walk around and say happy anniversary! to us all day. It was fun :) Of course, throughout the day, I saw people with "Just Married" buttons, "Happy Birthday" buttons, "My first visit" buttons, and "I have epilepsy" buttons. Well, maybe not the epilepsy thing, but i think most everyone had a special button. It didnt make me feel any less loved, just for the record.

Mr Incredible & Mr Incredible

While our trip to the California form of Disney was short-lived, we had a pretty awesome time. I hope one day to go back, see the things we missed and ride the rides we didn't get around to. 12 hours is not enough time to do 2 parks. I would love to do Disney World again soon- havent been since 11th grade. Jordan hasnt been since he was like, 8. 

Oh and we had the most delicious lobster & shrimp ravioli.... if anyone knows where to find anything close to what they have at the Jazz Kitchen (in Downtown Disney) holy cow, let me know. mmmmMMMMmmmm delish.

Current song stuck in my head: Everyday People by Sly & the Family Stone

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