Monday, September 8, 2008


I am so frustrated!!!!

Recently, I was diagnosed with GPC... Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis. (do not google it. It's not pretty.) Basically, my eyelids have developed an allergy to the protein that my eye creates that gets stuck to the front of my contact lenses. When I have my contacts in, these rough bumps form on the insides of my eyelids and cause my eyes to be itchy, watery and painful when blinking. Also, the bumps get so big that they pull my contacts out of my field of vision when I blink. So, everytime I blink, it hurts, itches, waters and I cant see. If I take my contacts out, there's nothing between these rough bumps and my bare eyeball, so it's incredibly painful!!!! Dont ask me if I can get Lasik. I cant; my corneas are too thin. (I can, however, get a more expensive, painful, long recovery form of refractive surgery. No thanks.) Back to GPC. It will never go away. The longer I wear my lenses, the worse it gets. Unfortunately,  it seems like the length of time it takes now for my eyes to get itchy, watery and painful is a few hours. Thats with being incredibly judicious with my eye care... prescription eye drops ($70/bottle which has approx 20 drops inside.), contact care, lots of glasses time; an entirely too long process just to prevent something that comes 2-3 hours down the road anyway. This morning; on the way home from work, I could hardly see to drive. I've already been to the opthamologist about this (hence the diagnosis) and there's not much more I can do besides changing contact lenses again. I just started a new brand and paid for a year's supply. I HATE this. HATE IT. It's one of the most frustrating things ever; to not be able to see comfortably. And what's more? It'll never go away. What's the solution? Glasses? I have a pair that's probably 5 years old now and no longer the right prescription (not to mention badly scratched) Too bad I've already used up this year's insurance $$ on multiple opthamology visits and a year's supply of contacts that aren't working for me. Right now, scratching my eyeballs out sounds like a pretty good solution to my problem. 

And my tongue is still numb. 
And I just had a root canal too. I hate the dentist. 

Ugh. I'm taking a nap.

Current song stuck in my head: the Safe Auto jingle. (and I thought things couldnt get any worse.)


Shannon said...

Hollie! I am so sorry to read this. I can't imagine the frustration you are going through. (((Hugs))))

Melissa said...

:0( I'm sorry... I'm thinking about you! Breathe, dah-ling, breathe!

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