Monday, September 29, 2008

Finally, some pictures!

How can anyone not love San Antonio?? It's just so darn pretty.

The recent depressing activity of the economy has got me a little concerned. One of our 2 banks in which we... bank at, have folded. We are now Citibank-ers I guess. I assume that knowing little to nothing about finances makes me more nervous about when all this is going to end and how much worse things will get before they begin the turn upward.  We will soon be in the market for a house (soon as in, within the next year or so.). I cant help but worry about what the economy will mean for us when it comes time to purchase a house. I am thankful that we recently re-vamped our budget and are actively trying to save more & more each month. I appreciate my newly acquired affinity for penny-pinching- it makes me feel accomplished to know that for the past week, we've eaten off of $25 :) (the rest of our budget was spent in San Antonio!) We're hoping that we can save every available penny towards a fat down payment on a house (and a new bedroom! ... and a new tv... and you get the point.). 

I've got to stop talking about money. 

Can you believe Christmas is right around the corner!?!??? Yikes!!!

One thing I'm quite proud of is my new almost-habit of running. My mama is an avid runner and has even completed a 1/2 marathon already. I guess she kind of rubbed off on me a little bit while here- the stinker got up at like 6 in the morning while we were in San Antonio and ran around the city before getting ready for the day. Sure, I'd been running/walking on and off prior to the visit, but it was more leisurely than anything. I am proud to say I've run 2 miles today and I did 2 miles yesterday too! Like, as in I ran the entire 2 miles. I dont know that I've ever run this far before (outside of high school gym class, that is, where we were required to run 2 miles to pass. yuck. highschool.). It's not really a pretty run; by about the last little stretch, I am either ready to pass out or puke (neither of which happen), but shortly after finishing, I assure myself that one of these days I'll look fab enough to fit into those cute jeans again. I look forward to being able to finish both miles without feeling like ground beef. Of course, then it'll be time to tack on a third. 

Current song stuck in my head: Over the Sun by Shane & Shane

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Shannon said...

Good job on running.... I can't run worth a flip. :o(

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