Thursday, January 15, 2009


Some days my job is wonderful. And some days it's ugly.

Tuesday, I had the privilege of helping my neighbor and good friend Mendy deliver her little boy. It was so wonderful being a part of their special day, helping her through her labor process and rejoicing with her when her precious boy arrived! She did so well, and at one point (after delivery), turned to me and said "well that wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it would be!" We should all be so lucky! Seriously though, with as many trials as she & Josh faced during her pregnancy, I wish her labor could have been completely effortless, if only to take the burden off of them for just a little while. So almost effortless (as in like 4 pushes-- almost unheard of with first-time moms) is pretty awesome. It was all pretty awesome. 

Jeshua David

Love those blue scrubs.
I think I was increasing her Pitocin here... 

And then there are other days. I run (literally) to make things happen fast for patients who are critical; babies who are critical. Patients who come in with non reassuring tracings and blood pressures that can hardly sustain life. Moms who seemingly reflect symptoms of HELLP and are going downhill quickly. Emergent C-sections with babies who are too early and victims of poor placental perfusion (among other things). Arriving in the recovery room with a joyful family, glad that their baby is delivered- regardless that it's relying on a machine to breathe. Getting labwork back and learning what drugs your patient took prior to coming in, which of course she denies ever taking. Somedays I just want to scream. 


Megan said...

Look at my beautiful friend! When I get pregnant, your my labor coach.

Melissa said...

Can you come to Sioux Falls in June and help with this delivery? :) Pretty pretty please?!

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