Saturday, January 31, 2009

...just in time for the big game...

...So, Guess what my husband is getting for Valentine's day this year?? I have to admit, I really like having a bigger TV, even if it takes up most of our living room now. The picture doesnt really show exactly how huge this sucker is. We knew we wanted a new TV eventually, and I'm glad we crossed that off the list. Next up? New furniture, which will probably happen a lot closer to new house (as you can see, we've already got a lot crammed into our little 700 sq feet! I've already found some furniture I really like @ JCPenney!! Not my first choice for furniture options, but I saw this and this and love them both!!! Both sets are from their "Linden Street" line and the more LS things I see, the more I love! So we'll see what we get next- Have I said I'm ready to move enough times yet????

We have a face to face interview scheduled the weekend of Valentine's day (not my first choice, but oh well...) with a church in Dayton (Mt. Belvieu) TX @ Old River Baptist church. This is the church that Jordan's talked to by conference call already. They're flying us down for the weekend to interview with the pastor & personnel committee. So be praying for us! 

Check out my beautiful Preggo friends!!

Arent these gals gorgeous!!!???

There's something in the water!! I think I can almost honestly say I'm the only person I know who's friends with me who isnt pregnant, trying to get pregnant or already delivered. On top of my friends, there are 6 girls in L & D on the day shift who are now expecting and I think another 6 on night shift too! I'm totally thrilled for my sweet sweet friend Carey who's now expecting as well!!! Dont tell me to jump on the bandwagon too- I've already asked my hubby about when we can expect to be expecting- to which he replied, "haha, no." 

Funny thing I heard today @ work: A patient's family member comes out of the room and goes, "um, her saline bag is empty (note- we dont use saline. ever.) and her OxyContin pump is beeping. "

Uh, can I sign up for an OxyContin pump too?


Melissa said...

:0) I LOVE YOU!!! You make me feel beautiful!

I love the furniture! And the tv!

Megan said...

Well, this friend of yours in not you aint alone!

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